December 12, 2015

Hahnemen’s Nemesis : Iatrogenic Mortality

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Modern medicine seems to be enthralled with itself and it must be admitted that the AMA rules trauma and war medicine but knows little of epigenetics, nutrition or positive neurolinguistic “programming” which is simply harnessing the stimulus-response Skinnerian model to the rational mind and will of someone undergoing rehabilitation.

Doctor Samuel Hahnemann is the “Quack” who brought the washing of hands into the modern hospital and office visit when he noticed that childbed fever, that resulted in so many young mother’s deaths, was controlled and stopped by simply washing one’s hands before and after attending one patient and then another.

I wrote quack because he is also the Father of Homeopathy.  Childbed fever fatality is an iatrogenic cause of death. A quack just like Pauling for Vitamin C or Kreb’s who no longer gets credit for the citric acid cycle in the mitochondria once called the Kreb’s cycle. (He came up with Laetrile and the rest is history).

Iatrogenic disease and death are those conditions occasioned by doctors,  nurses, hospitals  and staff-caused conditions. Health care in America is not what it used to be.

Neither is rehabilitation. Assisting a dear friend after a stroke I was able to observe the nutritional incompetence of giving high sugar items to diabetics recovering from a stroke. Add grilled cheese sandwiches to already high cholesterol patient and see what happens.

There is no mention of trace minerals and all that junk DNA that actually protects the gem cell DNA and is not just a mucous around the whole affair. For that matter it is the naturopaths who are pioneering epigenetics and the new healing of ills associated with diet and habits: through a family’s generations!

It is not just maternal mitochondria and protoplasm but also a propensity, if you will, to be sensitive to certain habits and conditions in the familial tree. In other words, the discarded theory of the  passage of traits acquired by  habits of your forebears is coming back to explain acquired conditions based on what your mother and father did with their habits to their epigenetic sheaths that changed the expression of the germ cell DNA. What your parents did may be the clue to your having diabetes because they did, or allergies, or…

Zinc. That’s right, zinc is what my family was sensitive to and deficient in which left this columnist susceptible to hernia. Ran in the family and hurt like hell.  Called a hiatal hernia and it progressed to Barrett’s Esophagus. Fennel Seeds and vegetable liquid lecithin got me through the night and turmeric was a big help in my self-healing as I became a Naturopath and passed the exam at the American Naturopathic Medicine Association’s Annual Conference tin 2004.

My parents smoking habits ( they quit before I did)  did not help the deficient zinc situation one bit.

Can you believe that iatrogenic fatalities are the third most common cause of death in the US?

If you can believe that, maybe you can understand the cash cow model of medical rehabilitation and the services so often ordered by your doctor who a partner in the radiologic suite or laboratory or what have you that you are sent to, to continue treating and fleecing you as long as possible. (“Insurance pays for it all” or “you have too much money”, is what they all chant). I don’t have enough money is closer to the truth.

Additional procedures will outlast your ability to pay for them.

I was astonished to see  first the infantilization of a patient to complete dependence and the staff was very nice. Too nice and dangerous when you do not consider the diet  and metabolic systems (especially now that The Oakland Tribune reported Tuesday that California groundwater is polluted with … toxic uranium !).  Could Fukushima be any part of this or is it just a leaky station somewhere?

After infantilizing the the surrogate mother’s womb of the hospital becomes in a self-absorbing mood and begins to rehabilitate to the point of total dependence and lifelong necessary care. Cash cow. Easy street when it is $300.00 a day and cafeteria food in grade school in the fifties was better than the swill they call a meal.  One told me of peanut butter sandwich, rice soup and some sugary dessert. Actually, that’s when he consented to my “kidnapping” him and transporting him against medical advice to a secret location where Jim went to work on him.

Jim is one of the most courageous people I have known.  We started as casual friends and being radicals – but rather different from each other.  Years later I meet my friend after he has broken his neck in Belize and given up by the establishment as a quadriplegic. Jim is stubborn and “stole” medical lectures at Stanford and pushed himself for years and now walks.  He walks a little funny but he definitely is not a quad or paraplegic.

He is, now, part of a couple of hippies with compassion and intellect bringing walking back to a mutual friend and I think he (or we) should be rehab coaches.  He is especially inspiring and should be everywhere known for the hope he can give to those who have been paralyzed. He is truly inspirational for those attempting to walk again.

We did it with dedication and soul, with  rhythm and no blues. It begins with appreciating and tapping your toes and never ends if you pass on what you have learned.

Nothing new reported on Shrimp Boy. But my street informants have supplied documents showing this is a Tong War between Hong Kong and Shanghai.  The new Shanghai Tongs are the ones helping sell condos in Bay View for US Visas to Chinese financiers.

Only know of one candidate for Chief of Medical Marijuana Bureau in California. Who will Governor Brown appoint?  Stay tuned on this one.

Musing Aloud: Trump should tap Jesse Ventura for his running mate.
I am just an incurable idealist.

Doctor, Doctor, Mr. MD-can you tell me what’s ailing’ me…he said Yeh. Yeh. Yeh and sent me a bill .

That’s it for now but next column will recall the early days and promises that the computer revolution would deliver.


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