December 22, 2015

Bruce, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”.

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The announcement that Bruce Jenner (as reported in the new issue of  Star Magazine) has recanted and no longer wishes to become Caitlyn was a relatively easy matter that was rectified by a new press release from his press agent.

Sharla Delacroix aka Belle Starr has often tried to explain to this pundit about the misinformation and consequences of rash decisions and medical charlatanism. It doesn’t matter if they tell you that you are malformed or that things can be undone, Sharla says, “We are all just experiments to them”.

Sharla has tried to counter the public’s extreme degree of ignorance due to malfeasance by the mainstream media and it’s reporters. The process, contrary to any reassurances is not reversible.

The emotional damages are always ignored  or minimized and a horrible possibility exists that the most likely result to undergo the surgery will be suicide.  Not what the doctors promised as the result that they sold to anyone who was questioning.

Could Jenner’s lightening-bolt Christmas announcement been cleverly planned as part of a long -term publicity campaign?

It remains to be seen what the editors of Vanity Fair and Glamour will have to say about Jenner’s change  of heart. But will he now become a GQ model? It’s not bloody likely he will be named “Hottest Woman of the Year” by Esquire.

The image of a supportive and loving family is a little skewed. Not all those who undergo the operation have the resources to help the family become more accepting. Should we even accept this situation?

Sharla says, “Not a single one of us is real.  Not a one of us is going to menstruate or become pregnant.”

Sharla’s views on the topic are far ranging and extensive and would take a full-length book to explore adequately. Have the places that provided the surgery reversed their policies regarding transsexual surgery or sex-reassignment-surgery?  We understand that several of the pioneering institutions no longer offer that option.

Editors and reporters have been rather squeamish about this topic.  The fact that it is being propelled into the mainstream media’s pop culture coverage at Christmas time is only going to add to the titillation factor.

Jenner has provided new holiday season fodder for the late night talk show opening monologues that was inappropriate for a new war in Syria, Jihad at Christmastime and the American institution of a crazed lone gunman going on a shooting spree.

We never really did expect to see Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine.  Maybe it’s not too late?

Sharla has also suggested a column on the celebrity license to commit manslaughter guilt free.

If Ru Paul has a TV show will Bruce do a guest spot?

Now as we don our gay apparel it is time for the disc jockey to play, The Kinks “Lola”, The Who’s “I’m a Boy” and Lou Reed “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”.

Now we have to go buy some stocking stuffers.

Have a FABULOUS holiday season and that everyone tells you


Aloha until the next column.

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