January 23, 2016

Send Guy to SuperBowl?

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The Whole World is Watching

But is anyone listening?

Plans are under discussion to subsidize a ticket to the SuperBowl  for an articulate homeless person to attend and hopefully become the spokesperson for homeless advocacy. It is imperative to get the real story instead of the government agenda.

This came about at a discussion over at the Berkeley political activity center in front of the downtown Berkeley Post Office. The spiritual advisor behind the yellow star of David with “Homeless” written in it was musing about the SuperBowl and the potential for a real mess to develop. His suggestion is to seek  a philanthropist to make one ticket available for the homeless person we personally vet or already know – such as Hate Man or Swan, who both have experience in New York major daily paper editorial positions but now prefer to be homeless.

If you are attending the SuperBowl and you see someone who is not as well dressed as you are, ask them: “Are you the homeless guy who got the free SuperBowl Homeless Person ticket?”

The discussion became livelier when the suggestion to take low power radio into the parking lot and do interviews on “Tail-gater radio” for the parking lot FM radios and streaming from a wireless hotspot to the internet. Ustream, you stream we all stream …

Then, that same suggester remembered the valuable assault on Bohemian Grove lessons and suggested 10,000 balloons!  Helium filled and launched with a ribbon connected to a payload and calculated to drop into the Levi Stadium with little bags of goodies like mint leaves, tea leaves and possible forbidden smoking material. The Putative California Pot Czar endorses this action.

The whole world is watching but are they laughing? No, everyone forgot the hippies had fun. Today the movements are fragmented and so serious that humor is no longer a viable element of  political debate.

If you can’t see the humor in the human condition how can you begin to be serious about what is really serious. The weather or Syria? Fukushima or the Kardashians? Muslims or Latinos sneaking into the USA?

Punditry from the Bay Area has become inundated with so many strong topic possibilities we can only hit the highlights and hope for the best in our sporadic attempts to observe, analyze and comment.

DJ, please cue up “Street Fighting Man” , “Volunteers of America” , “Peace Frog” and “Won’t get fooled again”.

Have a “Broadway Joe” type of SuperBowl weekend.

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