February 14, 2016

US vs Hippies

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Several events have occurred in rapid succession recently indicating that it is time for the World’s Laziest Journalist  to HIP others on the trend-spotting beat to the fact that the Hippie Movement is in Revival mode.

While viewing “The US vs. John Lennon”, we (the WLJ and former summer intern) noticed that several ESTABLISHMENT SPOKESPERSONS (MEN) were making the assertion (or at least conceding ) that the fact is that the Bush Dynasty is more warmongering than the Nixon administration was at the height of the Viet Nam war.  It was strongly implied that the time is ripe for a revival of the John Lennon style of philosophy that people should make love not war and give peace a chance.

Surviving members of Berkeley’s feed War Resisters league have dwindled down to a precious few. Ominous indication in Syria hint that the time may be right for a War Resisters League resurgence.

Is it appropriate to call the people urging peace in the Middle East Peaceniks or Hippies?

Secondly, on Monday February 8th, at 3:15 PM, KCBS was reporting that the temperature in Oakland was 81 degrees.  The news coverage of the New Hampshire primaries reported it was snowing (feel the Burn?).

Will the small business operator in the Bay Area forget the costs of hosting the Super Bowl when the propaganda value of the climate that accompanied the Bowl activities becomes obvious to decision makers back east?

When a tsunami of emmigrants begins arriving in Baghdad by the Bay in the next few weeks, with the concomitant surge in small business profits, is it to be expected they will change their minds? Will the small businesses change their minds about the minor inconveniences of The Big Game?

Did the game broadcast use Scott MacKenzie’s song for background music?

Will the tech industry descend upon “Frisco like it was summer of ’68?

Thirdly, Belle Starr has finally been goaded into starting to write her autobiographic novel and is attempting to subsidize this chronicle of the Hippie Era  through a fundraising effort at Kickstart under “Crash and Burn, then Shrug it off”.

We strongly urge our readers to help with this altruistic endeavor.

The WLJ will closely monitor the results of this fundraising effort and if it is successful, we almost certainly will revert to the Santa Monica Independent modus operandi of “Monkey see, Monkey do”.

We don’t expect the Media Mavens of Manhattan to endorse the concept that the cultural center of hipness in the USA is once again being transferred to the County of San Francisco. If however, a journalist in the Big Apple has powerful means of oratory and persuasion available they might want to pitch their managing editor on the advantages of an assignment to travel all expenses paid to San Francisco and cover the re-emergence of the Hippie Movement. Who doesn’t want to re-live the magical era of Hedges and Donna (they rated a duet appearance on the Smother’s Brothers Comedy Hour).

So break out and on through to the other side and let your inner hippie out – bellbottoms and army jackets are required so start buying your patches now and hitch hike everywhere!

The DJ will play  The Best of Moby Grape, Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead (remember Pigpen?). We have to go to the nude parade on Castro for Valentine’s Day.

Have a GROOVY week!  and stay Clean for Gene!

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