March 22, 2016

Scientific American said WHAT?

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Guest Article by Karla Gottschalk

Waiting in line to buy the basics for dinner I noticed the new Scientific American on the stands. The cover proclaims it is on the sexual mind.

A teaser on the cover asks “How Gay are you?” and offers “Transgender and Young” articles. Food for punditry if not for thought.  Is this really the Scientific American of the last 100 years or more? What has happened to science?

How gay are you, really? This must be an April Fools joke. No, the cover proclaims a special issue for spring and it should be on the stands until May. Titillating, so lets look inside.

“The greatest obstacle to an antidote for anorgasmia (sic) may be squeamishness about masturbation in the presence of a stranger”, from the article Lust’s Reward.

I am “squeamish” in front of anyone.  My fantasies are private and I don’t need you voyeurs to share the experience. Better to play the maid upstairs being taken in a frolic.  Much better and less work with more pleasure.

And what about the rewards of LOVE? IMHO masturbation sucks rotten eggs compared to Love. When did sex become 24/7?

We are not Bonobos but I am willing to listen to them lecture on mediation as a way of conflict resolution. According to the Bonobos a little dalliance brings resolution without violence and, um, with honor. (See page 42.  The answer is 42?)

And now what is : Transgender and young?

I  can hardly wait to be sterilized.? A teenager is quoted as “ It makes me sad when I realize I can’t have my own children. But sometimes in life, when you really want something, you have to accept things you don’t like.”

The child starts high school next Fall.

Oh, really?  Can a child really understand a life of sterility at 14? And who really has the right to make such a choice for a child? This is not a property issue.

I did make a sperm deposit that was intentionally destroyed by the California Cryobank . It was front page news in San Francisco 6 years after my sex reassignment surgery in 1974.  It was done for my wife. She left after the possibility of children evaporated.

Now, as to what you want-is that enough?  I never wanted to be a transsexual but I know from my first thoughts I “knew” I was female and prayed to be changed, then fell in love and prayed to be healed.

Do you know what the future will bring? NO.  But you are willing “forever” to live a lie and be sterile at fourteen? A eunuch or a spayed female?

As your older sister (or brother) erotic transvestism cannot be transsexual but can be transgender.  You don’t need to mutilate yourself.  You have already seen how much hurt and suffering it brings you and those who are close to you and love you.

Are you aware of the number of transsexuals that no longer accept sex change as the answer? Do you really want to never really be female (or male) but fool people by passing because it makes you feel better to parade an affliction adorned with deceit?

Really, WHAT is gender? Is it S-E-X? Let’s cut to the chase.

Hi!, What are you? I’m a 66 year old transsexual! I am a person of color: white hair with some kinky black hairs, blue eyes, light brown skin and my mother was Spanish/Italian, my father was a non-privileged white man with ethics.

A gender changer is something that allows a bolt to bolt connection or nut to nut. Gender is a thing not a person.Gender is not sex. My affliction was the drive to be sexually fulfilled without having to be a stereotype.

Anyone can pretend to be a stereotype but it takes courage to be authentic.

There has to be a better way.  I was a peer as well as contemporary of Christine Jorgensen. Let’s talk and solve this for the betterment of all.

Isn’t writing propaganda for sex role adjustment by sex change just as fraught with danger and as irresponsible as giving a child a revolver and a single bullet and teaching them the game of “Russian Roulette”?

It is the Spring Solstice and these are the fertility rites of Spring. Why is Scientific American celebrating masturbation and gender mutilation?

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