April 12, 2016

Selling Hoover Dam: To whom & for how much?

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Privatization in America has gone way too far.

America is not supposed to be like the old Soviet Union, breaking up and selling off pieces of itself to the highest private bidder in order to avoid bankruptcy due to the high costs of war. Or perhaps it’s already too late to close the barn door to privatization in America and we already have become just like that. Actually, with over half of our government’s money now being spent on weapons and so-called “war”, it sort of looks like we already are following the Soviet Union’s lead — especially when you consider how rapidly we too are selling stuff off.

And if this escalating process of selling our stuff off is as true as it appears to be, then I would like to put in a bid on Mt. Rushmore!

Let’s just imagine for a moment how that auction will go. The auctioneer clears his throat. “What am I bid on this lovely set of hand-carved sculptures?” I bid five dollars! “Sold to the little lady in the back row.”

Then Hoover Dam goes up on the block next. Who the freak would ever want to buy Hoover Dam? Apparently somebody does. It just got sold for less than one cent on the dollar — way less.

And now they are trying to sell off the Berkeley Post office. “Magnificent old building, prime real estate location. What am I bid?” Again, it is going for less than pennies on the dollar. Someone is going to walk away from this auction a happy man. And it ain’t gonna be the U.S. taxpayer either.

And speaking of Berkeley, our mayor and his developer friends here are trying to auction off our downtown business district and various residential areas near the Cal campus for pennies on the dollar too. “We need more condos!” cry our real estate developers. “They are really wonderful stuff!” And our mayor and a lot of our City Council members agree with the developers too.

But I have a question. If all these new condos (there are already thousands of them in the works) as indeed so fabulous, then how come the mayor, members of our City Council and even the developers themselves don’t live in any of them — and prefer to live in the very type of traditional brown-shingle Berkeley cottages and homes that developers are now so anxious to tear down?

And why are none of these developers and their supporters living in the Library Gardens condos, where six people fell to their deaths last year due to faulty construction? And 20 years from now, all these creepy high-rise “condo” buildings will be falling apart. “Welcome to the new Berkeley inner-city slums.” However, the upside of all this is that by then all these high-rises will have become “affordable” housing — broken sewage lines, dangerous conditions, rats and all. But I digress. Let’s get back to the auctions.

Anyone out there want to purchase the Brooklyn Bridge?

PS: Much to my horror, something even more crucial to the American way of life has also been privatized: Christianity. Jesus himself was a revolutionary, a man of the people, a proud member of the 99% and even a socialist. But the privatization of Christianity in America has reduced Jesus to being merely a shill for corporations, a ham actor in endless commercials for war-mongering, and/or just another emogi on FaceBook — and an evil emogi at that. *>:) devil

PPS:  Here’s the latest April report from my friend from Aleppo — where Americans and their neo-colonialist cohorts, henchmen and partners in crime are happily violating the Syrian ceasefire every chance that they get!

     Talk about “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”.  Gary Sinise would just drool to get his hands on this script.


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