May 3, 2016

ISIS: Is the word “assassin” derived from “hashish”?

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Here’s a link to a trailer for the new Edward Snowden film by Oliver Stone. It shows American drones assassinating a bunch of folks in foreign lands.

And here’s what Seymour Hersch has to say about that: “What [reps of the American military-industrial complex] do now is [they] do targeted assassinations. Earlier, I think [they] just moved [perspective targets] out of office or did operations, political operations. But now it’s really just, [they] hit people. There’s a weekly meeting in which they go through names of people to target, assassinate, including, in some cases, an American, without any due process. It’s been a wonderful movement. I don’t mean to be too sarcastic about it, but [Obama] ended up in the same place far too many times, as Bush and Cheney [did].

But the most bizarre assassinations of all are being executed in Syria right now by drugged ISIS assassins (aka “moderate rebels”). How yucky is that!

Here’s the story. A Saudi prince was arrested in Lebanon for having an airplane full of two (2) tons of Captagon, a designer-drug amphetamine that turns regular run-of-the-mill sadistic ISIS guys into truly insane butchers.

Back in the day, assassinations in the Middle East were associated with the use of hashish — that the assassins would get all hopped up on hash and then go slit someone’s throat. But apparently hashish is being given a bum rap here, and assassins back in the 13th century were just bad people employed by a guy named Hassan-i-Sabah to kill all his rivals — and that the assassins’ alleged connection with hashish had been invented and glorified by a pulp-fiction writer in Paris in 1809 — or something like that.

But there are currently actual evil assassins in the Middle East today. And they are all employed by the American military-industrial complex, their close allies Turkey and the House of Saud, and of course our old favorite for stirring up trouble over there, Israeli neo-colonialists. And apparently these assassins are being hopped up on Captagon in order to keep the heads rolling.

So what’s the moral of this story? That America’s foreign policy is truly medieval.

PS: And speaking of death, I just scored a role in yet another student film, playing yet another dying little old lady. Good grief, when I actually do get ready to die, I will have already had dozens of rehearsals — and will be able to pull it off with amazing flash and charm.

PPS: And speaking of assassinations, American democracy appears to be getting systematically assassinated by Wall Street and War Street. The Arizona primary was a crime and the New York primary was a cruel joke (on us).

Younger Americans, Black Americans, working-class Americans and first-generation Americans are having their names systematically assassinated from voter-registration rolls all over America right now. And this stealthy and criminal behavior has been going on for years. And the only people who object to it are the people who can no longer vote. Of course.

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