May 7, 2016

Aleppo hospital bombing: Lies, lies & more lies from US/al Qaeda

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Just how many god-damned lies can the American public listen to before they finally start screaming “Enough!” Apparently a lot. Apparently Americans possess a bottomless capacity to both absorb lies and be lied to. Apparently the American public has no trouble at all believing all kinds of clearly-phony propaganda touts and “pants on fire” types of lies — they’re even better at believing propaganda than the “Good Germans” were before World War II. Disgusting.

What would Jesus do if He were alive today and being lied to like this? He’d move to Canada! Trust me, I am just waiting for global warming to heat Canada up a few more degrees and then I’ll be moving there too! Or else to Vermont. They don’t seem to be quite as gullible in Canada and Vermont.

So. Exactly which lies set me off this time? The ones about Syria. There are currently even more lies than usual about Syria on America’s mainstream media right now. “But what is the real truth?” you might ask. Let’s find out.

Between all the eye-witness accounts now available on the internet and FaceBook and Twitter, there is absolutely no excuse for the American public to be misinformed. For instance, here is the true 411 from a Syrian friend of mine about a hospital in Aleppo that just got french-fried by al Qaeda missiles — a vicious bombing that is currently being blamed by the mainstream media on Syrians, President Assad and the Russians. Huh?

I thought that Americans were spozed to not like al Qaeda. Why is the MSM now taking their side?

Journalist Vanessa Beeley recently asked a doctor in West Aleppo to confirm that a hospital there, that the MSM is accusing Assad of bombing, does actually exist. And, if it actually does exist, was it bombed by al Qaeda and then blamed on Assad by the MSM? The doctor’s response? “This hospital [Al Quds] did not exist before the war started. It must have been installed in a building [by al Qaeda] after the war began.” Further, the doctor didn’t know anyone who could confirm that the hospital being blown up in a MSM news video was even this mysterious Al Quds. The video really looks photo-shopped to me.

But then my Syrian friend clarified the situation even further. Here are some of his quotes:

“I know this doctor personally because I am his patient. He’s a very good physician and I trust him. And I too think that what he said is correct. This ‘hospital’ could be just a normal building that had been turned into a clinic to cure the ‘moderate rebel’ terrorists since 2012. No one knows of it or heard of it before.” Figures.

“My brother said that this particular building had been hit by a US missile, as a false flag to blame the Syrian Arab Army for doing so.” And that’s the exact same type of lie we’ve been told here in America since “Remember the Maine” in 1898 and “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in 2003 were forced down our throats.

“On the other hand,” says my friend, “The MSM hasn’t shown anything about the other hospitals that were hit by America’s beloved al Qaeda terrorists within the last week. They didn’t show the hundreds of injured people, the dozens who have been killed daily, the 500-year-old mosque and Christian orthodox church that had been shelled by terrorist mortars while people were praying Friday prayers in the first, and celebrating the Good Friday in the next one. It had been hit on Sunday while celebrating Easter.”

Of course Americans are never told anything about this.

“Many residential buildings in Aleppo have been destroyed by new types of mortars and rockets that are much more powerful than the old ones.” Yeah and where exactly did al Qaeda even get all these new mortars and rockets? Manufactured them in their tents out in the desert, did they? Not.

“Buildings in Aleppo have been collapsed on the heads of their inhabitants. One kid lost all of his family members. There are plenty of stories, really, of al Qaeda bombings. But the American MSM is lying, blaming all this carnage on Assad and the SAA.

And now the MSM is even showing videos of children who are supposed to be the kids of so-called freedom fighters. “They are supposed to be terrorists’ own kids, in order to gain our sympathy for these zombie terrorist ‘rebels’ — allegedly now ‘freedom fighters’ who are only protecting their families and not the real al Qaeda terrorists that they are. One of the little girls shown was named ‘Helen’. What kind of Syrian name is that!

“It would be like showing one of Osama bin Ladin’s sweet little girls and then claiming that bin Ladin is a freedom fighter based solely on his having fathered this child. All this lying is just about going to give me a stroke or a heart attack!”

Me too!

“Pregnant women and newborn babies had been killed in the obstetric hospital of Dabbeet in Aleppo, after been hit by terrorist mortars. Ar-Razi hospital had been hit with terrorist mortars and it caught on fire in some of its sections, and this is one of the few free hospitals left in Aleppo. Another private hospital had been hit in the New Aleppo sector of the city. But do Americans ever see them on TV?” Not that I’ve noticed.

According to my Syrian friend, these hospitals have all been hit by al Qaeda “moderate rebels” — with mortars supplied to al Qaeda by the House of Saud, America, Turkey and Israel. Are we proud of our country yet? “O say does that star-spangled banner” now wave…over al Qaeda? It sure does.

I thought we Americans were spozed to hate al Qaeda. Apparently not.

“In the Midan neighborhood, it originally had Armenian residents but because of the crisis and refugees and immigrating, today it’s a mixed place for mostly poor people. It too has been hit so badly in the last week by al Qaeda.” Moderate rebels indeed. Anybody with any sense will know that it’s still all about oil, same as it was in Iraq and Libya.

In his must-read book “Overthrow,” Steven Kinzer states that America had armed and trained ten thousand (10,000) fundamentalist al Qaeda terrorists in the run-up to 9-11. And apparently a lot of them are still around. But I digress.

“I don’t know what to say,” continues my Syrian friend. “My wishful thinking is telling me that Russia, the SAA, Hezbollah and others will not let Aleppo to fall into the hands of these barbarians and whoever is supporting them. Syria’s defenders were doing so well before the ceasefire. The ceasefire agreement gave the al Qaeda terrorists better weapons and a rest to catch up and attack the way we are witnessing today.” Clearly, al Qaeda’s supporters have got their lies in a row.

“Al Qaeda is shelling civilians, sometimes randomly and sometimes deliberately — as when they targeted hospitals just today with new heavy and big rockets, and they also now have snipers with special exploding bullets, the kind which are used by the Israelis against Palestinians. Once these bullets enter a human body, they explode into many tiny shrapnel pieces in order to make as much damage as possible. These snipers have a very long range as well.” Sucks to be a Syrian these days.

“The media is not showing any of that, but instead are twisting all the realities and showing them the other way around, or else they might show only when the SAA is shooting back against deliberate provocation — as if the SAA was violating the ceasefire, not al Qaeda.” Why does the MSM do this? It must be threatened, bribed or bought out.

“But what is the difference between al Qaeda, al Nusra and ISIS?” I asked.

“They are all the same. It’s a full package of war on all levels: Fierce conflict on the ground; MSM polishing the terrorists’ image and showing them as ‘Freedom fighters’; lack of water and good supplies; expensive prices of everything for the poor people; more people to suffer, injured, killed, losing their homes, becoming refugees…etc.”

And this ugly truth is simply not getting out to Americans via the MSM, with their millions of viewers who now actually believe that al Qaeda is a good guy. But try telling that to the families of 9-11 victims and see what they say.

How can I deal with the knowledge that my own government willingly bombs hospitals — and then lies about it? I can’t.


PS: Yahoo News just posted a completely mendacious article stating that President Assad is using sarin gas (again). It was a lie the first time — and it’s a lie now.

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