June 18, 2016


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It has occurred to me that there is an important story being ignored by all except the World’s Laziest Journalist.

This story involves an historic first that would be a shame to deny the future historians and present readers of political pundits.

Perhaps it has to do with fear of writing something that will only be interesting if someone else writes about it or the blessing of recognized news reporting does the first exposure of a marginalized subject.

It probably has to do with the contrary opinions about transgender olympics, bathrooms and denial of children to change their sex based upon media depictions of appearances and stereotypes rather than considering biological realities and the pursuit of Happiness.

Happiness can’t be based on truth so it must be based in shocking lies that can never be undone.

Who cares anyway if a castrate wants to revert to original identity or whether a prepubescent wants to dress up without knowing what sex is (or why they want to dress up) or what love is?

Why even write about truth and lies as morality has nothing to do with reality. Reality is what you make up on the fly.

Denial is much easier to defend than reason or touchy feelings. Touchy feelings are easier to adopt and accuse others of hate for not going along with a different opinion or viewpoint.  Besides, it is messy to write about genital mutilation in the name of dysphoric stereotypical and often hysterical gender roles.

The historical first is simply the truth from an old transsexual who accepts what people think they are rather than again pretend to be magically restored to where they were before barbaric sex reassignment surgery.  It surely isn’t transgenderism which rarely goes to sexual mutilation and obsessive interest in fake genitals.

No, the real historical first is that an individual can live with the dual truth with courage and be the first to qualify for the honorable office of Senator of the United States.

If this playful pundit is wrong then prove me wrong. If this pundit is right then journalists have a duty to report on what  the first transsexual has done in qualifying as  candidate for US Senate, making it on the ballot in Hawai’i for the November 8, 2016 election.

This achievement is only of interest to the johnny-come-latelies who will wait until the pioneer wins to write a single line of history.

No sense reporting on history until after the results as it might encourage other marginalized people to engage in democracy.

Perhaps that is what is really unacceptable.

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