July 15, 2016

Trump’s Acid Test?

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Don’t Harsh My Bliss

Donald Trump is either “on the bus” or about to be thrown under the bus.

In 1964, Ken Kesey proclaimed “either you’re  on the bus or off the bus”. Tom Wolfe chronicled this for “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” so if the Republicans who have long opposed the use of LSD pull a switcher and don’t nominate Trump, Republicans will suddenly know how an LSD trip feels. Things are not what they seem.

How can someone with enough delegate votes to cinch the nomination be cheated out of what he has earned (feel the burn?).

The establishment according to the Merry Pranksters was evil and corrupt and to be completely distrusted and subverted. Trump may soon concur.

If a real estate huckster gets stung by a slick political maneuver…will then, the hippies who may still be alive say “turn about is fair play!”?

If Cleveland 2016 is a replay of Chicago 1968, will some anti-Trump activists become the equivalent of The Chicago Seven or will they be hailed as the ultimate pranksters.

Recently, KCBS news radio ran a story informing listeners that preparations are being made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. They said the festivities would be held in 2018. WRONG!

The Summer of Love was 1967 and the 50th anniversary should be held in 2017, if correct math is applied.

If the next president sends US troops to Syria perhaps the new Summer of Love festival could feature massive Stop the War demonstrations?

We’ve noticed recently that radio stations using the talk show format are giving away concert tickets. Maybe top 40 radio will make a come-back?

Would Trump see a switcher as being “pretty trippy”?

Would real veterans of the Merry Pranksters think such a con job on Trump was very funny?

If Trump does get the nomination would Republicans be “on the bus”? Or would they proclaim Trump as a modern freaked-out outlaw?

Will Trump use a psychedelic painted bus to campaign and travel?

Would he promote it as the Magical Mystery Tour 2.0?

Have Republicans used profiling to determine that Trump must be thrown under the bus and be denied the nomination?

If San Francisco makes the Summer of Love 2.0 into a tourist attraction, how many original members of the Merry Pranksters will participate?

Is one of the Merry Pranksters an alum in the process of attempting to become a US Senator from Hawaii?

We have it on good authority that Trump is using a lottery system to dole out all expense paid trips to the Republican National Convention.  Have you seen anything in the mainstream media about that?

We have predicted numerous times that JEB would be inaugurated in January of 2017.

If we are right … you read it here first.

If we are wrong … this column will not matter one bit.

And now, the disk jockey will play Janice Ian’s “Society’s Child” for all the Black Lives Matter supporters.

We have to go watch the movie Bus Stop.  Have an end of the line type week.

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