November 4, 2016

Crunch Time for Voters…

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The advice from a sports editor who said, ” never say never and never say a team cannot win”,  might be just as relevant before the 2016 presidential election as it was when SuperBowl III was about to be played.

The New York Jets were the overwhelming pick to lose but it didn’t play out that way.

Harry Truman was expected to lose the presidential election in 1948 but he fooled the experts.

San Francisco Bay Area political activist Karla Gottschalk is predicting that Donald Trump may be about to add his name to the list of people who have scored notable upset victories.

Journalists who are preparing to crank out detailed explanations and analysis stories about the election of the first woman president should temper their enthusiasm and never say never before the results have been certified.

Is it true, as Alex Jones has reported, that NBC has already  filmed the Clinton Campaign making the victory announcement?

Extensive polling indicates that Hillary Clinton is very likely to become the first woman to be elected president of the United States (are pollsters permitted to make wagers on political events?).

Professional athletes are not permitted to make wagers on sports events but it seems that a large number of Jet fans may want to place a bet on Donald Trump to score an upset victory on Tuesday.

Rumors are hinting that Hillary is going to appoint Joe Biden as Secretary of State.

It is almost certain that Donald Trump wont …

But sports fans know it aint over…till the fat lady sings. (Just ask any Cubbies fan!)

If Karla becomes the only pundit predicting an upset win perhaps the audience for her political punditry column will increase exponentially.

The journalists who bet on a victory by Hillary Clinton wont be fired or even get a reduction in pay if they guessed wrong but a Trump victory will mean extensive changes in politics. Perhaps for the better?

Shouldn’t cautious journalists get some credit for a heads up warning?  By next weekend, most pundits will ignore any botched predictions they issued and will start focusing on the question “who are the front runners for the 2020 presidential elections?”.

According to Karla, in the last debate, Hillary said we are going to war and Trump said he would talk to Putin so Karla is dubbing Trump the Peace Candidate and saying that he will appeal to more voters who are war weary now.

If you are a well-informed voter then you probably know about the Lolita Express issue. If not, not.

Can you name any sports writer who predicted that Joe Namath would lead the Jets to a certain win?

Donald Trump may be about to become the Joe Namath of the political world.

Have a collect your winning bets kind of week.

Ps: Go Broadway Don!

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