November 11, 2016

Return of The Great White Father?

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Before Matt Drudge and Alex Jones called a win for Donald Trump, at about 10 pm Pacific, a pioneer hippie posted a comment on the Trump app saying “Congratulations, Mr. President.”

Subsequent efforts by the aforementioned individual to contact the Trump transition team to apply for a chance to be a part of the new bipartisan roster have been inconclusive.

Pundits who tried to explain the anti-Trump protesting by students in the San Francisco Bay Area ignored the pragmatic explanation that the kids may just have wanted to feel they were part of the change and amy simply wanted a day of when they could skip school.

There were some rumors alleging Trump would name Jaimie Diamond Secretary of the Treasury.

Interesting if true.

In Trump’s first term in office it seems that the popular websites that feature liberal points of view will have an insatiable need for harsh critical political punditry.

Some citizens are urging president-elect Trump to go to North Dakota and function as a mediator for the pipeline controversy and the assertion that indigenous water sources are being fouled.

How long has it been since the President served as “The Great White Father”?

One San Francisco blogger,  James the Advocate, has already dubbed the President-elect as “The Blue Collar Teflon Don”.

Journalism, the art of punditry and the Democratic party are in a shambles this week which means that there should be an abundance of challenging topics to write about in the coming weeks.

Now the disc jockey will play “The Party’s Over”, “Is that all are there is?” and “We’ve only Just Begun”.

Have a great week!  To be continued…

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