April 4, 2017

Donald Trump, America’s laxative

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Did you know that the Pentagon (aka “Murder Incorporated”) has never been audited? And that over ten trillion dollars are missing from its budget? We would never let the Mafia get away with that.

Did you know that Russia has just invented a new super-missile that can do almost everything but sing the blues? How could Russia do that? Because Putin is investing Russia’s money in education so it will have scientists who can work smarter not harder. America, on the other hand, is investing its money on murdering babies in the Middle East — while our education system here at home only produces more and more dumb Americans. Shades of Sputnik and 1954.

And then these very same Americans turned around and elected people who would only make their miserable lives even more miserable. People like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell — and Donald Trump.

At first I too was actually dumb enough to think that Trump actually would “drain the swamp”. But then I realized that yours-truly had just been naive and that Trump was draining the American swamp in the same way that Hurricane Katrina drained New Orleans.

Now, however, I actually think that electing President Trump might actually be a good thing after all. Why? Because, for far too long, America’s guts have been tied up in knots by a blockage caused by mass murder world-wide and massive economic disaster and moral denial here at home. For the past 60-plus years, America has been economically, politically and morally constipated.

And now President Trump has come along and given us all that drastic enema we so badly need. And now Americans are finally starting to wake up — and actually starting to feel some actual movement in their intestinal fortitude. At last!

Suddenly Americans are starting to realize that their education system sucks eggs, their infrastructure is wobbly at best, their jobs have fled overseas, their democracy is gone, their treasures have all been squandered in order to murder huge numbers of babies in the Middle East — and that they have been constantly lied to since Franklin Roosevelt died.

Finally Americans are starting to do something more than just pass gas.

Americans are now waking up, becoming unobstructed and starting to demand life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness instead of just more and more butchery and dumbness. Thank you, Donald Trump!

PS: Lots of people tell me that Clinton would have been a much better president than Trump. I beg to disagree. While Trump has shamelessly thrown us Americans into the deep end of a caustic and toxic swamp where we at least have a chance to swim for our lives before it’s too late, Clinton would have let us happily die of a thousand cuts like the proverbial frog who got boiled to death by having its temperature raised degree by degree — and too late we would have screamed “Ouch!”

You don’t believe me? Just go down to Haiti and ask almost anyone what they think of the Clinton Foundation.


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