June 15, 2017

Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech ?

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While fact checking the marijuana renaissance we found a cannabis oriented magazine featuring a pot advocate described as a transgender woman and featured on the cover.


Transgender is not the same as transsexual and a friend who has had the medical procedures has proclaimed, “If you haven’t gone through it you shouldn’t speak about what you don’t know”.


If the cover subject hasn’t had the operation then that person is just a cross dresser and should celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday.


Missing information about transsexuals is rampant in the mainstream media. Media urban legend stories imply that the sex-change procedure is reversible.


Completely untrue according to the transsexual pioneer we asked.


Are kids being accurately informed on this topic or are they being duped?


Even this columnist confuses the two terms. A transgender is just a cross dresser who may or may not be taking hormones.


If they are misinformed shouldn’t people who want a chance to offer the truth to youngsters be given a way to express their particular point of view?


If a concerted effort is made to stifle criticism is it accurate to proclaim that freedom of speech still exists in the USA?


When harsh criticism is eliminated from the debate, isn’t a one-sided argument too prejudicial?


Since transgenders are getting so much coverage, shouldn’t an opposing opinion be sought out by the mainstream media that allegedly wants to present both sides of the issue?


If a M-F can’t bear children and if F-M people can’t father a child, won’t the medias’ fascination with sex-changes eventually mean that the proponents will die out?


If a man in his late 60’s has a sex-change operation will the patient expect to attract a virile young man for a lifelong relationship or is it just a blatant example of self-deception?


In a world full of fake news isn’t the abundance of sex-change journalism stories proof that sensationalism is out of control in most of the mainstream media?


For this year’s Father’s Day, on behalf of our friend, we call on all of America’s managing editors to make an effort to learn the ghastly truth about this trend before publishing any related fake news.


As much as we would like to see quality journalism about this trending topic, we won’t hold our breath nor will we ever believe the “it’s a reversible”change” propaganda.


Have a Happy Father’s Day to all who passed the paternity test.

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