January 7, 2018

Brainwashing, Paul Haggis, Scientology, you & me

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Here’s a thing: Professor Mazim Qumsiyeh just pointed out that America has vigorously supported the right of Iranians to protest their government but…. “When a reporter asked a US spokeswoman about the right to protest in Palestine against Israeli occupation, she was at a loss for words. Land of hypocrisy indeed.”—Jagjit-Singh

Well, sure, America is the land of hypocrisy — but mostly it is the land of brainwashing.

For instance, I am currently reading Lawrence Wright’s excellent book, “Going Clear”. It’s about the various brainwashing techniques used in Scientology — most of them are repetitious, dangerous and/or violent. After over 30 years of faithful servitude, however, Paul Haggis finally decided to escape from this mess. The result? Suddenly a whole bunch of women showed up, suddenly accusing him of all kinds of sexual mayhem. Bet every single one of those women is a brainwashed Scientologist. Read Wright’s book to find out why I should think that.

Shame on Scientology if/when they used such a worthy cause as “Me Too” in order to bring down a whistle-blower. As a woman (and one who has been a victim of attempted rape myself), I totally resent this evil use of such a just and noble cause.

So what’s my point? Scientologists use brainwashing? Well, duh, of course they do. But who else uses it? And why? We Americans are constantly being brainwashed every waking hour of our lives. Every single hour of the day and night there is a constant barrage of media telling us what to think and do. “Go to war,” they tell us. “Buy a car. Take a drug. Vote against your own best interests.”

According to Wright, Scientology apparently has a whole worldwide network of basements and “bases” where Scientologists are manipulated, beaten, starved and/or brainwashed until they submit to its version of the Stockholm syndrome. When one is actually trapped inside the bubble of Scientology, it becomes increasingly difficult to see any other worldview — because no other version is allowed inside.

But that’s just small potatoes compared to the whole worldwide network of basements and “bases” where America beats, starves, manipulates and/or brainwashes the minds of its Americans until they too submit to our very own version of the Stockholm syndrome. And when one is actually trapped inside the bubble of American propaganda, it becomes increasingly difficult to see any other worldview — because no other version is allowed inside.

And as for why we are constantly being barraged by all this propaganda? What is the end-game of all this constant brainwashing? Money and power. But mostly money. Our money — becoming theirs.

PS: I just signed up to attend this year’s BoucherCon event, being held in the St. Petersburg/Clearwater/Tampa area next September. Such a deal! Not only do I get to attend my favorite book convention but also St. Pete is famous for its historic Hotel Vinoy, 25% of Clearwater is owned by Scientology and Tampa is where Leonard Peltier is being held in federal prison for a crime he didn’t commit — but that we have been brainwashed into thinking that he did.


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