May 4, 2018

Horror movie in Gaza: “They’re eating our brains with a spoon!”

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Americans really do love to watch classic old horror movies. Perhaps that is why they continue to let all those grim slaughters in the Middle East go on for so long.

For instance, it’s just like watching “Silence of the Lambs” in Gaza right now — where 100 highly-trained and sadistic Israeli snipers are happily picking off nonviolent protesters there one by one. Hannibal Lector himself couldn’t be doing a better job.

Syria has become yet another horror-movie classic — one where no one suspects those innocent-looking Americans of being the creepy guys supplying ISIS with chain saws. That great scene where a massive invasion of evil ISIS villains crosses the desert in Toyotas? No way that Americans could have avoided spotting all that spooky road dust on their Google satellite apps. “They’re coming! Hide in the basement!” Bad idea.

Afghanistan? Who first gave those Taliban wannabe-Freddy Kruegers their claw hands in the first place? It was America. “Charlie Wilson’s War” is the ultimate horror flick.

Yemen? Thanks to America and Saudi Arabia working together like the BFF zombies they are, Yemen is starting to look exactly like where they filmed that final scene in “Night of the Living Dead”. The monsters just keep on coming and coming and coming.

And how about that unarmed and vulnerable teenager Libya? Why the freak did Qaddafi stay alone in that cabin in the woods overnight when he knew that blood-sucking NATO was on the prowl? And now Iran is about to make that same mistake. Run for your life, Iran! America has a bloody hatchet — and knows how to use it too.

The only trouble with this classic-horror-film analogy is that, while Freddy and Hannibal are fun to watch on TV late at night, American hatchet murders and chain-saw-like dismemberments are real — and Americans have become experts on how to create millions of extremely life-like corpses. Or at least ones that used to be alive.

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

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