May 18, 2018

Rwanda & Israel: “Off with their feet!”

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     Back in Rwanda in 1995, when the Hutus used machetes to hack off the feet of the Tutsis, the whole world was stunned and shocked by these brutal acts of total barbarity.
     Yet when Israeli snipers recently used high-powered rifles to fire expanding bullets into the legs of nonviolent protesters in Gaza, the whole world seems to be defending the Israelis.  “Hamas made us do it,” the Israelis cry.
     The Hutus are condemned as being barbaric.  The Israelis get away with it because they claim to have God on their side.
     Either way, the results are the same.  Thousands of Tutsis had their feet cut off — and now thousands of Gazans also face having amputated feet.

     Isn’t it amazing what a little propaganda can do.

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