August 23, 2018

I want to live in a world where innocence is valued…

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Frankly, it is clear as day to anyone with eyes to see that we currently live in an ugly monstrous world, one where greed, pollution, corruption, lies and cold hard murderous steel have become our top priories and most precious values. Must it always be this way? Will we ever live in a world like the Garden of Eden again?

Did we ever live there in the first place?


And to clearly see what our lost world of innocence looks like, we don’t have to travel back to 18th-centruy Tahiti or to the ancient Black Hills of the Lakota before Custer — nothing like that. All we have to do is look at that happy smile on the face of the nearest well-loved toddler as she looks at our world with new, bright, shining, trusting eyes. We’ve all been like that once. We can all be like that again.

There is no reason on earth that the human race is required by law to devote all of its savings, material goods, slick justifications, hopes, desires and dreams to military hardware, prisons, land-grabs, power plays, earth pollution and being just plain all-out mean — when other alternatives clearly exist.

Think about it. Why must we freaking die in order to finally live in an idealized heaven instead of what we are currently doing — endlessly prolonging this power-mad grubby dishonorable war-mongering treacherous murderous Hell that we now call modern life? Why indeed — when there is clearly a precious lovely beautiful meaningful alternative.

We’ve lost our way. Is it too late to find it again? Good grief, I surely hope not.

PS: Where to begin to change our world for the better? Let’s start with the American military’s excellent example. “Thank you for your service.” Literally. Our military has it right — socialism for all! Free housing, free food, free medical care, early retirement, great pensions, free job training and free education. “Be the best you can be!”

Sure, you get shot at occasionally — but in the meantime? Socialism at its finest hour (with the exception of corporate welfare, of course — no one does socialism better than American corporations!)


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