September 28, 2018

One word describes Brett Kavanaugh: “BULLY”

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He even tried to bully Senator Feinstein. Guess he hasn’t learned anything in all these 36-odd years after all. And he also ruled in favor of torture. Don’t bullies start out by torturing frogs? And Kavanaugh sniffed his way through his entire hearing. Isn’t that something cocaine users do? And the American Bar Association hasn’t exactly friended Kavanaugh either.

Kavanaugh seems to be a prime example of the privileged-spoiled-rich-kid, of the type once made famous by Bob Dylan. Yuck.

Once a bully, always a bully apparently. And once a misogynist always a misogynist too? Only acting judicially instead of physically? This is a person that we want to represent America’s best and brightest? And most just? Really?

PS: Remember Hannah from the TV show 13 Reasons Why? She too was bullied — and then committed suicide. What if bullying had driven Dr. Ford to suicide as well? Dr. Ford would have become just another statistic that we would never have heard about. How sad — tragic — is that.

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