October 8, 2018

Wasteland: How our Good Ole Boy network is taking America down

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Hey, you! Yes, you. The person in front of me right now — sitting at your computer or punching buttons on your SmartPhone. Are you happy with your life as it currently is? “Sure.”

But what will you think about it ten years from now? After ten more grim and static years of endless “war,” corrupt judges, climate catastrophe, job outsourcing, growing homelessness and allowing the Good Ole Boy network to run our country?

What chance for a happy life will you have then? Frankly? It will suck to be you.

The wealthy old farts who run America now? They have no vision. For them it is only and always just “grab and go”. How long, exactly, do you think that will last? How long before they grab and run with your own life as well, mess with it, steal all the nutrients out of it, suck it dry — until you will be lucky to score even some low-life job at the Walmart or be cannon fodder in some bug-infested jungle somewhere? Or be pole-dancing at some exclusive hunting lodge in Texas? Or eating cat food out of a jar? Or….

Are you getting my point here yet? That America’s good ole boy network, with its Super PACs and its lobbyists in the White House and Congress and its power over our judicial system? These good ole boys simply do not know how to create. They only know how to destroy. And just exactly how long do you honestly think that America (and you) will survive with these misanthropes and cavemen at the helm, slashing and burning like the pirates they are?

Seriously? Would you really want to be alive ten years from now? In a world where creativity is the enemy, where freedom is frowned upon and where dirty old men hold the future of our world in their small-minded, greedy, uncalloused and blood-stained hands? Where America has become a non-productive wasteland?

We outsiders, we millennials, we women and Blacks and immigrants and children and grandmothers? We have been burned in the past. We are being burned right now. But are we truly going to stand by and get burned in the future as well?

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