October 23, 2018

An election reminder: Bad things happen on the Republicans’ watch…

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Holy sheep dookie! 8000 angry Hondurans are currently marching toward America’s borders with torches and pitchforks! This is something that could only happen on the Republicans’ watch. The White House, Congress and the Supreme Court are all currently dominated by Republicans — and yet DC is gonna blame these marching Hondurans on Bernie Sanders or perhaps even the ghost of FDR? Yeah right.

9-11 happened on the Republicans’ watch. We are currently 21 trillion dollars in debt due to the bloody and insane Repub “wars” on Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, etc. And even the Great Depression of 1929 occurred with Republicans in charge — not to mention that 2008 housing-bubble disaster that sent so many of us Americans off to the poorhouse.

No one in the Green Party is currently trying to steal our civil rights, our MediCare, our voting rights and our Social Security. That’s a Republican thing.

The nuclear Doomsday Clock is currently getting scary-close to Midnight. Reagan’s trickle-down theory refused to trickle down — and his policies in Central America only created death squads and unhappy campers who are now trying to camp out up here instead of down there. And as for the climate catastrophe coming our way? The whole human race may be eliminated on the Republicans’ watch — could be their biggest triumph yet!

Plus we have had to put up with Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Richard “I’m not a crook” Nixon and Stormy Daniels too. Yuck!

PS: Sometimes the Democrats suck eggs as well. Remember Pearl Harbor? Hiroshima? Libya, Syria, Korea and Vietnam? Hell, both of these money-grubbing parties are all in bed together — and yet we’re the ones who end up getting bedbugs. When both Republicans and Democrats turn out their lights at night, they both seem to dream only of “war” profiteering — and how to get us gullible peons to pay for it.

And even worse is when we think that we are voting for Democratic candidates who will protect and support the interests of America’s salt-of-the-earth working class — and then Boom! We get stuck with Repub wannabes like Johnson, Clinton and Obama. Jokers and Penguins cleverly disguised as Batman. Humph.

For instance, right here in my own California assembly district? Buffy Wicks is running on a platform of affordable housing and all that liberal stuff — but is actually funded by a Republican PAC looking for another Brett Kavanaugh.–Becky-O-Malley

And then there are all those neo-con Israelis and dictatorial Saudis. No one, either Democrat or Republican, ever goes to Washington these days without Bibi Netanyahu or Prince What’s His Name packed away in his or her suitcase.


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

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