February 28, 2019

The psychology trap: Why MAGA is bad for America

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Sigmund Freud got it all wrong. The real cure for our neuroses doesn’t lie in our past — but in our future!

Here’s one of my most favorite quotations: “Neurosis is caused by the lack of a sense of future.” What great psychologist said that? Hardly any of them — but it is true nonetheless. Or to put it in layman’s terms, “If we sense danger instead of hope around every corner, then we’re screwed.” We are bound to make bad choices based on fear instead of on logic — or even on joy.

“Make America Great Again” says it all — forcing us to follow some decrepit weed-strewn yellow brick road back into America’s dim and dismal past. That way only leads to neurosis — and worse. Let’s look to the future instead. America can still have a bright future, honest! But not one based on our falsely-imagined past — that sleazy pot-holed broken-down and morally disheveled road based on genocide, slavery, poverty, exploitation, oppression, corruption, false “war” myths, false promises and outright lies.

If Americans ever want to have a shining and hopeful future, then we need to dump our sleazy past first. Dwelling on robber barons, climate-change deniers, racism, economic depression, breaking the Sixth Commandment time after time, sabotaging democracy at every point and keeping our women chained in domestic slavery? Pretending to be holier-than-thou “Christians” — ones who know every inch of all those weird stories in the Bible and yet act like they’ve never even heard of the Sixth Commandment, the Golden Rule or anything at all that Jesus preached? Not gonna help. Is really gonna hurt. MAGA gets it totally wrong.

If you are proudly wearing a MAGA hat right now, then perhaps it’s time to consider going to see a psychologist after all. A forward-thinking psychologist that is. America has been neurotically mired in fake nostalgia and “false brain messages” for far too long. It’s clearly time to throw off all that debilitating weight of craziness from our past and strive toward a safe, happy and do-able future for all of us.

And then dump those MAGA hats in the trash.

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