March 18, 2019

Wet Supremacists: Why moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is a good idea

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Don’t get me wrong. I really do believe that Americans need to finally stop kowtowing to Zionist corruption and influence-peddling and, yes, I still continue to think that Zionists are war-mongering White supremacists who are doing Judaism all sorts of harm. And for this reason, I totally object to moving our U.S. embassy away from Tel Aviv. But there is an even bigger issue to consider here — that it’s never a good idea to waste American taxpayers’ money on still maintaining a U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv, a city that is pretty much doomed.

“But why is that?” you might ask. “Seems counter-intuitive. Isn’t half the world already pissed off that Trump, the Zionists and AIPAC are trying to politicize three of the world’s greatest religions by moving the Zionists’ capital to Jerusalem?”

Sure, there is that. But new data has also come to light. I’m currently reading Dahr Jamail’s scary new book, The End of Ice, and he says that the last time our planet had such a high rate of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere as it now does, sea levels all over the world rose 130 feet. However, with methane gas being steadily released in the Arctic, the sea levels will rise even higher. And if there is a sudden large methane-release event, which is entirely possible, only one in seven human beings will be left after that. If we’re lucky.

But assuming that sea-levels will only rise 130 feet in the not-too-far-distant future, it will still be “Bye-bye Tel Aviv.” Tel Aviv is only 16.4 feet above sea level. American diplomats would have a far better chance of not having to swim for their lives if they were in Jerusalem (2,474 feet). Makes sense to me.

Unless the Mediterranean Sea is going to get blocked off at Gibraltar in the near future, Tel Aviv is gonna be the new Atlantis — right up there with the Vatican (63 feet). And even Mecca (909 feet) could still be up for grabs by the Red Sea. Only the Buddhists in Tibet (11,995 feet) will be absolutely safe! Perhaps Israelis and Saudis should spend more time worrying about how to keep their countries from drowning and less time worrying about how to keep murdering babies in Yemen and Gaza.

The moral of this story? That we all need to wake up to the fact that America’s real enemies aren’t Syria, Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya or even Native American water protectors, heartland anti-frackers or Alaskan ecologists. America’s real enemy is the fossil fuel industry. And hopefully it’s not too late to do something about that.

PS: Let’s not forget that Washington DC (zero feet) will also be underwater soon too. But then isn’t the District of Columbia a Swamp already?

PPS: I’ll be in Washington to protest at the AIPAC convention next week. Wish me luck. Perhaps Ilhan Omar will be on the picket line too! Or even A.O.C. But I’ll definitely not run into Kushner or Trump on the picket line however. Bet ya anything they’re be inside the AIPAC conference itself, selling America out.

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