February 29, 2020

COVID 19, the stock market & me: No fear, culling the herd & Trump’s Katrina

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A friend of mine just said, “To be safe from this pandemic, take lots of vitamin C.” Okay. Why not. “At least one gram every four hours and you’ll be pretty much safe from COVID 19.” I can do that. Actually, I think that she’s right. And according to Gary Kohls, MD, there are other factors that are keeping us Americans safe from the corona virus — and they don’t involve avoiding trips to China or giving up chow mein.

According to Dr. Kohls, there is a short list of immune-system co-factors that make folks in Wuhan far more susceptible to this virus than us. What are they? Here’s the list:

1) The massive disease-producing, immune system polluting 5G networking that was recently inflicted on the Wuhan population just over the last months of 2019 or

2) The massive pollution of the air (and lack of sunlight — and therefore vitamin D) of urban cities like Wuhan or

3) The massive pollution of the water in urban Chinese cities like Wuhan or

4) The massive over-vaccinations of most Wuhan residents with aluminum adjuvants/mercury preservatives and other vaccine toxins that make vaccine recipients much more susceptible to many viral and bacterial illnesses and

5) The high incidence of smokers in many adult males in Wuhan.

So. Does this mean that I’m not going to get a deadly case of COVID 19 because I don’t smoke? That sounds about right. But. President Trump has just nullified a whole lot of America’s clean water protection and is happily working on destroying our air quality too. And he’s also just given those Pentagon ghouls a huge budget to pollute as much air and water as their little hearts desire — so forget about # 2 and # 3 on that list.
Plus Verizon and Sprint keep telling us on TV every night about how wonderful 5G is. Wonderful for who?

Plus Big Pharma has forced many of our legislative bodies to pass laws that legally require our kids to have sixty-two (62) different vaccines (complete with all kinds of additives, fillers and preservatives) jabbed into their little bodies. That’s a whole lot of formaldehyde, folks — but will it preserve us from corona? Probably not.

So there’s all that. Maybe we Americans should be afraid after all. Nah. I’m fearless. I gave up fear for Lent. Maybe you should too.

But then stock markets all over the world just took a humongous plunge. Should we be afraid of that too? Not if you’re wealthy. But. If you are just a normal middle-class American, your pension plan could be wiped out. Or your life savings. Too bad for you. Culling the herd. It’s hard to be brave when you’re living in a tent under the freeway.

Another friend of mine just said, “The corona virus could prove to be Trump’s Katrina if things do get really bad.” And how could they get any worse than they are now? Easy. Trump has just put that neo-con guy Pence in charge of saving America from this virus. Pence? The guy who doesn’t believe in science? Good luck with that one.

But “Medicare for All” might help keep this pandemic under control here in America and spare our herd from getting culled too badly. Unless of course you are a member of the herd who is actually looking forward to getting culled….

PS: American neo-cons are also busy “culling the herd” in the Middle East by sanctioning medications and dropping bombs on millions of women and children over there. And if neo-cons can gleefully do all this culling to Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Iranians and Palestinians, what’s to keep them from doing it to us too?

What neo-cons clearly do not understand is that if they get rid of everyone but the uber-wealthy, then who is gonna shine their shoes?

PPS: I’ve been hired to be a poll-worker on SuperTuesday — and no, I won’t be competing with J.Lo.


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.


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