March 21, 2020

Neo-cons happy, Social Security saved, Baby Boomers gone!

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Fact: For years now, Republicans, neo-cons, Wall Street lobbyists, banksters and even Yellow Dog Democrats have been trying to break the Social Security piggy bank with every hammer at hand.

“Those pesky Boomers have worked hard for that money but screw them! That money is ours!” This is the current thinking in Washington — believe it or not.

Fact: The average age of the COVID-19 dead person in Italy is 81 years old. Almost all of them are over 65. Yep. If things here go the same way as things in Italy went, our Baby Boomers will be dropping like flies here in America too.

The Angel of Death will pass by all those kids going stir-crazy from being out of school and all those Charmin-hoarding Gen-X Millennial hipsters obediently trying to “Flatten the Curve”. Forget about them. The Angel of Death will head straight for the Baby Boomers.

The Angel of Death will flatten that particular demographic curve bigtime.

Hypothesis: That if America continues to go the way that Italy did, there won’t be hardly as many Boomers around to collect their hard-earned Social Security — and all the neo-cons, Wall Street lobbyists, banksters, American oligarchs and Republi-Dems in D.C. will all rejoice. “More Socialism for us!” they will cry. “Less Socialism for them.”

Promise to come visit us Baby Boomers in the graveyard? Thanks.

PS: Instead of wasting all our hard-earned money on soldiers patrolling our streets, cops arresting quarantine violators, bureaucrats enforcing martial law and demagogues calling out the National Guard, why don’t we just use all that money to simply pay people to stay home. Carrots always work better than sticks.


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