March 18, 2020

Taliban & ISIS: Why they’ll get COVID but their wives won’t!

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    Don’t you just love irony?  Saudi and Afghan men have been trying to keep Saudi and Afghan women under cover for years now.  And now it turns out to be a good thing after all.  Can you guess why?  Have you ever even seen a burka — let alone tried to actually wear one?  A coronavirus wouldn’t dare attempt to slip covertly under one of those.  Hell, burka-wearing women can’t even hardly see out of them let alone allow any germs to break in.
      While Taliban and ISIS thugs will be dropping like flies, Saudi and Afghan women will be perfectly safe.  Misogyny’s a bitch.  Ha!
PS:  It’s also kind of ironic that American banksters and mega-corporations are going to receive all kinds of socialistic and welfare bailouts regarding this coronavirus epidemic — while the rest of us?  Not so much.  In fact, not at all.
     And wearing a burka in public is clearly not going to save us from the terrible bankruptcy epidemic that is currently sweeping America too.  Only the federal government can do that.  “But if you give us money to help us through this pandemic nightmare, won’t that be socialism?”  Not if you are a billionaire oligarch.  It’s only socialism if you are just another American peon like me. PPS:  Stay safe.  Shelter in place of course.  But also try to pump up your immune system.  That might not help — but then again it just might give us a slight edge.  Boil up some hot tea and then inhale the steam.  That might make the viruses unhappy.  Worth a shot, right?  Eat your veggies and take your vitties. 

     Give up smoking, sugar, sugar substitutes and processed food.  Be kind.  Get plenty of sleep — but then what else have we got going on right now?  Stop wasting money on attacking poor vulnerable places like Yemen, Palestine, Syria and Iran — and on building that freaking Wall.  Give all those billions to us generic Americans instead.  We need it more.  Can’t hurt.  Might help.

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