March 25, 2020

Test everyone now: Let’s end our government’s clown-car reaction to COVID

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If our government could possibly get organized enough to use a test that actually works, get everyone in the USA tested tomorrow and pay everyone who tested positive to voluntarily self-quarantine, then perhaps this disorganized clown-car train-wreck-in-slow-motion reaction by our government that we now have to endure will disappear, the Federal Reserve can stop giving away trillions of our dollars to oligarchs, our kids can go back to their freaking schools, we can pay our rent on time and America could even start manufacturing toilet paper again.

Boom. Done and dusted.

We currently live in a scientific wonderland that can put a SmartPhone into the hands of almost every teenager in America — and even put a person on the moon. Yet we still can’t manage to come up with a simple reliable COVID test, stock the shelves at Walgreens with it and get on with other more important things like keeping up on Twitter?

This is obvious to no one but me?

PS: I myself don’t have a SmartPhone, and in fact rely mostly on a HP computer that I bought used 12 years ago. And my computer is slow. And it’s prone to forget things. So I want to notate here all the COVID-19 stuff that I still need to think about or do research on so I won’t forget.

A. What’s all this talk about pathogens escaping from that bio-warfare lab at Ft. Detrick last August — and the subsequent American soldiers who then came down with a mysterious hard-scrabble case of flu?

Then the US sends a bunch of troops to some massive Military Games in October, with over 9000 athletes participating and around 50,000 spectators, a very big deal. And guess where it was held? You got it. Wuhan.

Research project: To compare the list of countries that participated in the Wuhan games with the list of countries hardest hit by COVID-19.

B. Who benefits from all this COVID craziness? (Hint: Not you or me)

1. According to journalist Whitney Webb, in the case of a national emergency there are now actual “Continuity of Government” plans in place that gleefully hand our federal government over to people we’ve never even heard about — let alone elected.

Plus “The William Barr-led Department of Justice will not only be authorized to indefinitely detain Americans without trial, it will be able to detain them without any proof of those detainees having committed a crime or even having plans or the intent to commit a crime.” Oops, me and my ancient computer could soon be going to jail — even if we don’t have the flu.

Plus, under this or that C.O.G. plan, we will probably be stuck with Trump & Family for the rest of our lives. Yuck.

2. Then there’s Greg Mannarino, “The Robin Hood of Wall Street,” who says that the Federal Reserve is talking about going into “negative interest” territory — which means that instead of banks paying us interest for using our money, the reverse will happen and we will start paying the banks to store our money. What a racket.

3. Holy shite! Congress is trying to pass a bill that will give mega-corporations huge sums of “Socialism for the Wealthy Only” money — and give the rest of us almost nothing. Table scraps. Does this mean that mega-corporations will no longer have to go offshore for cheap labor? When they can get Americans to work for pennies right here?

4. And then there’s always Big Pharma — always ever-ready to shove its hand as deeply into the federal cookie jar as it can. COVID-19? Manna from Heaven for them. Not for us. Get used to it. Big Pharma uber alles.

C. Then there’s the rumors to ponder that COVID-19 isn’t even killing off as many people as the regular flu does — and/or that it has been around for a while but we just didn’t know to test for it. And/or that people who die of the flu or COVID-19 or whatever were unhealthy as hell in the first place and thus the rest of us aren’t really in danger.

Transparency about the data just isn’t a thing right now — now when we need it most. (See above for further discussion of the clown car).

D. And does anybody but me object to all these massive plans to call out the military and the National Guard? Seriously? How about we just pay people to get well instead of turning America into a war zone. First we got the Patriot Act shoved down our throats and now this? Apparently “Give me liberty or give me death” is no longer a thing in America. And “No Fear!” is clearly no longer a thing either.

More and more, we are being told how totally deadly and extensive this coronavirus nightmare is — but what if it is all just another Deep State scam to distract us (and bribe us with measly promises of $2,000 each), to get us to look the other way while the shell game moves our cheese and the crumbling Evil Empire is once again revived at our expense.

America is losing its Evil Empire bigtime in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and even Europe right now — as more and more of the Axis of Resistance peeks behind the Deep State’s shabby curtain. What better way to get it back than to put the world under lock-down. What would Darth Vader do? Exactly this. Call up the troops.

E. Something else to consider about COVID-19 is that we either get it or we don’t — and if we do get it, we either get well or we die. End of story. But if the economy tanks bigtime, if we have a whole new Great Depression to deal with and we all go bankrupt and have to start selling apples on street corners, that’s a whole other story altogether. Then we will spend years (years!) of our poor pathetic lives working in sweatshops, living in cars, foraging out of oligarchs’ dumpsters and having to put up with the Trump family forever.

I don’t think my computer can handle all this new information. I don’t think I can handle any of it either. Can you?

What the freak is really going on? We need to find out. Now.

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