March 26, 2020

Quarantine? BORING! Sitting around waiting to die?

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     What is it like to be quarantined in a time of plague?  Who knew that a death watch could be this boring.  Passing time waiting for the Grim Reaper by playing endless rounds of computer solitaire and watching re-runs of The Rookie and Grey’s Anatomy?  Is anybody going stir-crazy but me? 
     But now I’m even starting to get a taste of what it must be like living in Gaza — where Death is an everyday neighbor.  Screw this freaking death watch.  I need to have fun!  While keeping social distancing at the same time of course.
     So I took my income tax return money, combined it with an Expedia gift coupon and booked myself a night in San Francisco’s legendary Palace Hotel.  Take that, coronavirus!  “Girls just wanna have fun!”  While social distancing of course.
     Unfortunately there are no legendary hotels or gift coupons or even income tax returns in the Gaza concentration camp (little known fact:  Zionists keep all the Palestinians’ tax money).  Plus social distancing is not even an option in Gaza, it being the most crowded place on the planet.  But I digress.
     Why the Palace Hotel?  My mother took me there once when I was a little girl.  We had High Tea in the legendary Garden Court.  Plus I’m currently reading a historical murder mystery, Mortal Music, set there back in 1881.
PS:  Doesn’t it piss you off too that we are being told almost nothing about COVID — except to be very afraid.  And that possibly one in five working-class Americans will be bankrupt by the end of 2020.  That we will only get a measly $1,200 each and small businesses will get loans with 3% interest — while banksters, Big Pharma and the other usual suspects will be getting $120,000,000,000-plus for free (are we being punked or what?)  

     We should also be told to keep our immune systems happy with fresh fruit and veggies, fresh air and lots of vitamin C.  And that new studies show that COVID-19 is far more prevalent in the general population than we think (50% of the population in Britain apparently has it right now), that many people are asymptomatic and that only one in 1,000 of us even needs to be hospitalized because of it.  Not as deadly as we think.

     COVID-19 is certainly is giving me something to write about — without even having to leave home!  Except of course for writing about my upcoming super-fun sleep-over at the legendary Palace Hotel this Saturday….  And possibly writing about eating Peking duck for dinner in San Francisco’s legendary Chinatown.  While keeping social distancing of course.  (I have become the freaking Queen of social distancing, BTW.)

     Photos to follow.


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