April 24, 2020

Sex, lies & geeks: COVID’s new war on statisticians

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Sex? “There will now be no reason for abortions,” a friend of mine just said, “because there will no longer be any pregnancies — because everyone will be standing six feet apart!” HaHaHa.

Lies? That we can catch COVID-19 from toilet seats? There are so many lies going around about COVID-19 — but the bottom line that we all need to understand is that this pandemic lock-down isn’t about germs. It’s about property.

To quote James Buchanan, that Nobel laureate godfather of all neo-cons himself, “Each person seeks mastery over a world of slaves.” Basically, Buchanan wanted to juice up a New World Order that would always value property over people and that would make rich people large and in charge.

And then suddenly the COVID pandemic train arrived at the station and every single one of our Dark Overlords happily clamored aboard. “More for us, less for you!” they cried as they gleefully headed toward the dining car. And then under the cleaver disguise of saving our lives, our government constantly reassured us that all the $$$$$ they just gave to Big Oil was not a bailout but rather a “government-issued rescue”. Yeah right. Then why isn’t our government “rescuing” small businesses as well?

But I digress. Let’s get back to telling each other lies. No, that new app on your phone that will let the powers-that-be know where you are every second of your lives is not gonna flatten the curve — it’s going to extend it. Probably for years.

This is where the statisticians and geeks come in. They try really hard to tell us that, yes, COVID-19 is not as deadly as we are being told and, yes, there really is something called herd immunity and, yes, if we all get infected, this whole nightmare will be over within a month instead of within years — and, yes, if we protect our most vulnerable than the death rate will actually go down.–569229971.html

According to one geek I know, even New York City is not all that bad off: = 0.014 = 1.4%. 10,000 Deaths = 0.0013 = 0.13% = 130/100,000. 130 out of every 100,000 New York City residents have died of COVID. That’s hardly even worse than the flu.

But nobody ever listens to or believes statisticians and geeks. Boring! So much more exciting to watch horror stories of COVID on the news every night.

But in some dark cemetery somewhere, James Buchanan is now having the last laugh — on us. “I told them that property was more important than people — and neo-cons everywhere believed me!” gloats his scary ghost. “From Iraq and Syria and Palestine to Main Street USA, we’ve now got it all!” Oh just shut up, Jimmy, and just go back to being dead.

But in a way Buchanan is right. In 2008, they came for our homes. In 2020 they came for our small businesses. What are they going to come for next? Our freaking toaster-ovens, overcoats and toothbrushes?

What to do? Let’s end all this “socialism for the wealthy only” and demand that we all share in the world’s wealth equally — every single one of us. Our leaders definitely do not care about protecting the vulnerable. They are far more interested in re-opening their salons and spas. But we need to care. “The least of us….” Sound familiar?

PS: Speaking of ghosts, I’m going to go to Los Angeles in a few days and stay at the legendary Biltmore Hotel. Am hoping to run into the ghost of Katherine Hepburn or JFK’s ghost — but will even settle for the ghost of Al Capone.


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