June 20, 2020

My naive “Second Wave” question: How come no one gets the measles virus twice?

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I totally hate it that 0.2% of us are dying of COVID — but frankly I’m kind of enjoying our current lock-down situation. Fewer cars on the streets. Amazingly blue skies. Getting lots of reading done while standing in grocery lines. Having TSA airport checkpoints all to myself.

Sure, there are some annoyances to being locked down. Who in their right mind wants to breathe in carbon monoxide and re-cycled snot all day from a face mask? Who in their right mind wants to see America’s small businesses go under by the thousands and our school children get strapped to computer monitors like cyborgs? But on the whole, this lock-down hasn’t bothered me all that much. Guilty secret? I even kind of like it.

But while I’m just luke-warm about liking this lock-down, the Federal Reserve is really really loving it. And why not? Back in the pre-COVID days, if we can even remember that far back, our economy was silently tanking and the stock market was about to crash. Then along came the lock-down — and Boom! Suddenly the stock market started avoiding its immanent doom.


Because the Fed has just saved its arse by printing up more imaginary funny-money than we can even imagine in order to buy up an incredible amount of falling stocks, even sleazy junk bonds that no one in their right mind would touch with a ten-foot pole (even while wearing a face mask).

Now the Fed owns almost everything in America that isn’t nailed down.

But there are two other things about this lock-down that really do bother me a lot — aside from us now being owned lock, stock and barrel by the Federal Reserve of course. First, people are dying left and right from other lock-down-related stuff besides COVID. What kind of stuff? Suicide. Poverty. Scarcity. Violence. Debt like you wouldn’t believe. Despair. Serious non-viral medical needs. Homelessness.

COVID is just the tip of this lock-down iceberg disaster. And the many other dangers lurking below the water line of this iceberg are titanic.

Second, I hate it that so much effort has been put into making us afraid, very afraid — even terrified. Get a grip, folks! If we get COVID, we either die or we don’t. Wash your freaking hands and avoid people who cough. Are you yourself coughing? Then freaking stay home.

And now all this constant fear-mongering about a “Second Wave”? COVID is not a giant tsunami. COVID is a freaking virus. Like the measles virus. People can only get measles once. Am I being naive here? Or is this just common sense?–vDf_4eiT–/c_fill,fl_progressive,g_center,h_900,q_80,w_1600/tl0ifkb82u2dxb1eaktf.jpg

PS: Two years from now, will Americans finally become really pissed off when they finally discover that COVID wasn’t all that dangerous? And then become even more pissed off that, dangerous virus or not, our economy has sunk like the Titanic and the Fed now owns our house, our car and our dog? That COVID was just another version of the Gulf of Tonkin con game, just one more version of Bush’s WMDs, just another “Make America Great Again” scam. What a con artist looks for in a scam victim

But why are we just sitting here right now like some gullible suckers and marks at a carnival sideshow, patiently waiting two whole freaking years before finally getting pissed off after the Fed has already robbed us blind — and we’re already in the doghouse?

PPS: Perhaps I’m gonna be adversely affected by this lock-down after all. In a bizarre turn of fate totally in keeping with Catch-22, it turns out that all that scuzzy industrial pollution that we hate so much is actually saving the human race from short-term extinction! Who knew.

Was the shading/dimming effect caused by all those scuzzy clouds of pollution actually keeping the sun from burning us humans up like cockroaches on a hot grill? According to Prof. Guy McPherson, pretty much yes.

“May 2020 was the hottest May on record…[and] loss of the aerosol masking effect due to COVID-19 lockdowns, could trigger a huge temperature rise…. The year 2020 looks set or close to become the hottest on record [which] points at a continuing rise reaching 3°C by 2026, i.e. likely driving humans into extinction.”

Holy sheep dookie! When you’re hot, you’re hot! And my refrigerator just broke down too. No ice cubes for me. And no ice cubes for any of us after 2026 either — unless we can figure out how to escape this new Catch-22 catastrophe ASAP. Perhaps the Fed should be spending its funny-money on figuring out that?

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