November 9, 2020

Delete! Delete! Delete! How Google just hijacked my friend’s ayahuasca trip

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       Thank goodness that the 2020 presidential election is over at last (except for Trump’s upcoming legal challenge to Biden — but that will be quickly taken care of when America’s kingmakers pay Trump a late-night visit at the White House and make him an Offer He Can’t Refuse that may or may not involve horses).  Now we will finally be able to turn our focus toward other stuff.


      Betcha a dollar that COVID, our most sizzling-hot election topic, will now silently fade away too — unless of course the Davos Boys still want to turn us all into humanoid robots via the Great Reset.  In that case we’re screwed and all bets are off.

      And speaking of robots, a good friend of mine just got turned into a Google search engine!  Long story, sure, but what else have we got going on?

    “I went to another ayahuasca ceremony last week,” said my friend, “and it was totally weird.  Everyone else around me was having warm and cozy visions of their wonderful dead grandmothers, where to find true love and/or how best to get their dream job, right?  But here’s me, having nothing but visions of a giant computer in the sky — that just kept sending me more and more and more spam!”  Worst scenario ever.

     “Every single time a new advertisement for cars or cable TV or instant loans or new dress styles appeared on the screen, I would hit the freaking DELETE button — but then yet another ad for psoriasis or fast food or shingles vaccines would pop up.  I must have hit the DELETE button 200 times.”  We all know that feeling.
       “Finally I started screaming at the computer screen, ‘You don’t know me!  I’m not like that!  Show me monasteries in the Himalayas, world peace, honest government and happy children!’  But all I kept getting were ads for Amazon and lawnmowers and Walmart and Kohls and 5G.  I don’t even own a lawn!”
      Then what happened?
      “A few days later I finally realized that ayahuasca was sending me a highly important message.  ‘You are spending too much time on the computer!’ I was clearly being told.  And ayahuasca was right.  So I tried to cut down my hours online.  Honest.  That lasted about a day.  Then mission-creep set in.  Back to spending hours and hours on the Net.  But ayahuasca wasn’t done with me yet — all three of my computers suddenly crashed.  But I jiggled some wires, ran some clean-up tests and got back on line again.”  
      Message received?
       “For a minute.  But then my wi-fi died.  I spent hours trying to fix it.  Now I have an arrangement where I can’t use my landline phone and my wi-fi at the same time.  Okay!  Okay!  I get the message!  No more addiction to the internet.  Now I just take my laptop with me when I do the laundry — the laundromat has wi-fi that works.”  Bet my friend has a lot of clean clothes.
      “What else did I learn?  That it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.  And to get outside more.  Do some freaking exercise.  That’s what I learned.”  

     Google should be learning that too.  And so should all the other mega-corporations that try to shove Big Tech down our throats.  5G is gonna be deadly.  SmartPhones and iPhones already are.  Who wants to be just one more Thing in the Internet of Things?  Who wants the NSA all up in our business?  Who wants bad posture and brain tumors and cancer?  Delete!  Delete!  Delete!

COVID, “a cynical method of social control”:
So much for getting back to normal — just more excuses for top-down control:
Ya think that 5G isn’t dangerous?  Think again.  Infertility, oxygen loss, wildfires, lowered property values, child susceptibility, corporate takeovers, tinnitus, greenhouse emissions, scam hype that 5G is faster?  Take your pick.  Plus my friend just got sent to jail for protesting an illegal 3:00 am AT&T stealth installment operation.
And this article certainly explains why the Davos Boys love them some Biden:

Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

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