November 16, 2020

COVID fear & loathing: They do the loathing & we get the FEAR

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     What, exactly, is the root cause of our deep and abiding fear of COVID?  Is it the fear that there is no cure?  Is it all those miserable deaths?  Is it that positive testing keeps on skyrocketing?  Is it the unsettling words of Dr. Fasci on TV?  What is it, exactly, that you yourself are specifically afraid of regarding COVID?  Losing your life?  Losing the life of your child?  Losing your job?  Going whacko from the isolation?  Dying alone and afraid in some sterile hospital ward with no one to hold your hand?
     Soooo many things to be afraid of right now.
     On the TV news, we hear that grandparents are dying everywhere.  Friends of friends of friends have already died.  We’re told that almost 300,00 Americans have died from COVID so far and the numbers just keep on growing.  The fear in the air is actually palpable.  People yell at you on the street, “Wear a mask!” and “Six feet!  Six feet!”  Parents won’t let children go to school.  Our FaceBook friends constantly warn us of the dangers.  We’re afraid to go out our front door.

     And yet the happy champagne parties in Davos continue.  “The rich are different from the rest of us,” to quote Ernest Hemingway.  Apparently they don’t get COVID.  Only we get COVID and die.  The Great Reset?  They love it.  And why not?  The rich will get even richer.  The rest us us will either be miserable or dead.  No wonder they loathe us.  “Suckers!”

     The only real cure for COVID is to do some actual fact-checking on our own, turn off the damn television propaganda machine, stop being so fearful — and become pissed off instead!
       Anger is so much more fun than fear.
PS:  I just heard Dr. Judy Mikovits speak (and even bought her new book, Plague of Corruption).  Things are even worse than we thought on the COVID front lines.  Face masks themselves are making us sick, especially the disposable blue ones.

     But worse still, animal tissue is being used in the manufacture of vaccines — and all animal tissues contain animal viruses, duh.  So when we get flu shots, we are in essence getting weird animal viruses injected straight into our bloodstreams — and this is a very bad thing.  But that’s okay.  The more sick and dying people we have, the better chance Big Pharma has of making whole vaults-full of new money.

PPS:  Let’s do a survey.  How many people do you know who actually have COVID?  Not asymptomatic, not with just a positive PCR test result but actual symptoms?  Days in bed with cough drops and hot toddies?  
     Another survey:  How many people do you actually know who have died of COVID who were not exposed in a hospital, not on a ventilator, not in a contaminated rest home, not over age 70, had no preexisting conditions or co-morbities and hadn’t had a flu shot within the past few months?
Dr. Bhakdi rounds up the real facts about COVID:
How to change your brain away from fear:
Masks are pretty much just to keep us from showing our smiles?
Like that old Twilight Zone episode, the Davos Boyz’ EAT plan sounds more like a cookbook than a way to serve man.


Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

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