November 24, 2020

America, NATO, Zionists & Turkey: Mean Girls gone wild in the Middle East (again)

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     Wait, what?  Attacking, bombing, sanctioning and/or maiming Libya, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran and Yemen wasn’t enough for this girl group?  Now they’ve gone and attacked, maimed, bombed and sanctioned Armenia too?

     And exactly who do these Mean Girls plan to bomb, sanction, maim and attack next — after the Middle East has pretty much become a pile of rubble and no fun to bully any more?  Hmm….  There are palm trees in California.  There’s oil in Texas.  Will they attack, maim and sanction California and Texas next?  You gotta keep your eye on these Mean Girls.

     After there’s nothing left in the Middle East to bomb, they will be coming after us too — with the Great Reset at first and then let’s see what happens after that.  And don’t even think about sitting at the Mean Girls’ table either.  We’re not in their clique.  We’re only losers and nerds.
     But let’s get back to talking about poor sweet Armenia.  During the Great War, approximately 1.5 million Armenians were systematically slaughtered by Turkey.  And now our very own Mean Girls want us to believe that Armenia deserves another genocide too?  Nobody deserves genocide.  America, NATO, the Zionists and Turkey need to stop being so mean.
     But here’s the plain and simple truth:  Mean Girls can’t be this insanely nasty unless the rest of us are giving them tacit permission slips — unless of course they beat us to the punch and turn us into another Gaza or Libya first.

Note to self:  It’s really hard for me to stop hating mean people, especially those butchers and con-men on Wall Street and in Washington DC — but I’m gonna do it!  I’m going to start loving everyone.  Mean girls, psychopaths, bullies and even family members!  But from a safe distance of course.

PS:  And speaking of Palestine?  In the past, Palestinians have been forcibly occupied by Mesopotamians, Babylonians, Jews, Romans, Crusaders, Saracens, Mongols from China, Turks and even the British.  What makes the Zionists think that their occupation will last?
What really happened in Syria?  America unleashed al Qaeda and ISIS on the Syrian people.  Not a good look for our Mean Girls to wear to the prom:
Mean Girl dirty tricks:  “Disguised as Armenian troops, Azeri commandos ambush ambulance and kill doctor who hurried to help”
Here’s more than you ever wanted to know about the history of Armenia, which is currently surrounded by various corrupt dictatorships. Azerbaijan is a petro-state whose new wealth has allowed it to rebuild its army and eliminate all dissidents.
Armenians are trying to hold on to their country and cultural identity, or what is left of it after the 1915 genocide, the Soviet take-over and now Turkey and Azerbaijan’s lust for more territory and power.  “Understanding the outcome of the war for Nagorno-Karabakh”:   

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