April 14, 2021

Patrick Henry’s fabulous new list of COVID do’s and don’ts

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       Back in 1775, Patrick Henry bravely proclaimed, “Give me liberty or give me death!” but he obviously didn’t live in the time of COVID — where every single breaking news story we see on TV is just one more glorified ad for Moderna, Pfizer and the World Economic Forum.  Keep up, Patrick.  Stop being so O.G.  This should be what your new proclamation should look like:

*  DON’T wear a face mask — they weaken our lungs
*  DON’T stay in lock-down — we need people, fresh air and exercise to survive
*  DON’T get that experimental injection — it is an advertising gimmick, not a vaccine
*  DON’T get a “vaccine passport” — that’s one step away from the gulag, managed poverty and digital slavery
*  DON’T listen to the hype — no one in power really cares whether we “useless eaters” live or die

*  DON’T let those globalist Davos Boyz terrify us into handing over our small businesses, our restaurants, our bank accounts, our homes and our kids.

*  DON’T ever expect to get out of lock-down.  The World Economic Forum knows a good thing when they see it!  King George III is their hero
*  DON’T try to go all Thomas Jefferson on us if you’re actually just Big Pharma’s Aaron Burr
*  DO listen to the actual science — COVID is just another variant of flu
*  DO take vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc — every person who died of COVID was deficient in vitamin D
*  DO avoid the Great Reset and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” — they are the for-real deadly plagues
*  DO stock up on Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, budesonide, vitamin D, nebulizers — anything that TV tells us won’t work
*  DO brush your teeth with BR brushing rinse mouth wash — for some unknown reason this stuff kills COVID germs like George Washington crossing the Delaware
*  DO vote out of office anyone who tries to take away our Constitutional rights simply because of a virus with at 0.02% death rate that only kills people who would have died within a year or so anyway
*  DO stop the Davos overlords from taking over our world — globalization is not our friend
*  DO stop the World Economic Forum’s war on Yemen, Syria, Iran, Russia, Venezuela and us.
*  DO let our imprisoned children out of their Zoom cages
*  DO go ahead and travel.  Travel is fun.  Music, art and dancing are fun too.  So is hugging.  Fun is good for you
Masks are pretty much a joke if you listen to the real science:
You wanna listen to science?  Here’s your chance — enough data to make you cross-eyed:
PCR tests don’t work either.  Just ask Dr. Fasci:

Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

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