November 30, 2007

Ye Olde Scribe Presents: Part Two… The Power of the FARCE

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The Luck of the Irish?
“Ireland: home of the blarney and the brave.”

How do they know this was a man and not a leprechaun? HERE’S something at the end of the rainbow worth finding!

National police said a lone man drove into the brewery – a Dublin landmark and top tourist attraction – on Wednesday and hitched his truck to a fully loaded trailer awaiting delivery to city pubs.

And, now, on to our main attraction…

The POWER of the Farce

What follows is what happened during the first dry run of yet another script spewed out louder and smellier than yesterday’s 100 quart bean binge: gas passed out of the very bowels of Hell… written by three spook script writers: the morally dead ghost of O’Lielly, the more mentally emptied than Dagger of the Mind’s Dr. Adams: Michelle Malkin, and the intellectually rigor mortis-cized Savage. As always they give truth the finger by attempting to place spin so frighteningly absurd into the script that such lies could scare the Dickens out of Dickens, make Jacob Marley poop his ghostly drawers and drive the Ghostbusters to head for the hills…

(Complete with Scribe’s notes about the actors latest attempt to read the damn thing and the actual, true, quotes no one who directed or wrote this atrocity wanted us to know: what was actually SAID. Casting by Rabid Karl Rove and Lush Dimbulb)

Darth Vader- O’Bama
Princess Whowouldwannalayaher?- Ann Cunter
Lukewarm Skywalker- Ruditoot-toot Jewels-iani
Handjob Solo- John (”I act like my last name is ‘McClain’”) McCain
The Emperor with Too Many DAMN Clothes On- Hillary Clinton
Chewy- Ron Paul (with Dennis Kucinch as his stunt double because NO ONE is going to listen to EITHER of them.)

…and featuring Ben ah Full ah Sheisen Stein as RU?METOO!

and Dennis he’s so boring he’s a menace Miller as EasytoSEEThroughhisBS/po.

Directing Ari Fleischer , Tony Snowup your… job, Too Much Reich Wing Poisoned Cappuccino, no relation to Dan Marino, Perino…

(Scribe would add “she speaks fast and says nothing,” but… who doesn’t know THAT?)

A Rupert, not “Holmes but Murdoch,” production.

Perino: Places everyone we’re reading select lines out of order: with no logic or common sense as to why. Did you expect something else? Give it up people it’s been seven years! Now… action…

Darth O’Bama-

“I think that nobody wants to play chicken with our troops on the ground,” said Obama. “I do think a majority of the Senate has now expressed the belief that we need to change course in Iraq.”

Perino- Now you know Barack what you are suppose to say was, “I want to play chicken with our troops.” You know, you’re suppose to represent the “darkie side of the force.” We’ll just get our talking head and media shills to alter that. Next line…

The Emperor with TOO Many Clothes On (Or what “hat” will Hillary wear today?-

“Well, some say free markets can be destructive.”

Perino, Damn it people! Now we’ll have to change that one too. Here’s the line you were suppose to say that everyone will think you said… “Free markets are the most destructive force in modern America.” Honestly, Hill, when are you going to learn to say what our benefactor is going to say you said?? Keep on script people!

Hillary- I don’t know how to respond to that. Guess I’ll go change my clothes again: put on a another hat, and then kind of, sort of, partially decide… for now.

Perino-OK, Princess, your turn to…

(Cunter cuts her off AS SHE DOES EVERYONE.)

Princess- [Clinton] masturbates in the sinks. God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, “Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It’s yours.” If you don’t hate Clinton and the people who labored to keep him in office, you don’t love your country…

Perino- Now that’s what we’re talking about people that’s representing the “GOOD,” American, patriotic, wholesome side of the farce! “Luke” Rudy?

Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do.

Perino- Wow how presidential! What a winner! How well you’ll continue the Junior legacy! Now THAT’S script reading people. Why can’t you wrap you’re heads around how we have to give up freedom to fight for…

Hillary- (mutters to herself) Now I have to go change again and find another hat to answer that one, damn it.

Perino: Handjob McCain, your turn…

(McCain: dressed in a bullet proof vest, helicopter/gunships overhead, just back from just such a “safe” walk Iraq.)

There are neighborhoods in Baghdad where you and I could walk through those neighborhoods, today.

Perino… people now that’s the best masterful performance and on talking point show of stupid bravado I’ve ever heard. Soon, after 08, we’ll have all of America walking without protection. Then when we will re-release The Power of the Farce on the gullible masses. Be back here at 7am for another read through please and… (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… oops, Scribe fell asleep there for what seemed like an eternity but was just a few seconds…)

This reading was brought to you by Diebold: as committed to helping the American dream foolishly die bold in 08 as we were to giving Junior Ohio in 04. And yet another Neo Con rerelease: Freakies…. and you thought the concept behind the 70s cereal was thought up by drug addled idiots? Now with even more partisan talking point; Crack-like, addictions.

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