August 12, 2021

More precious than gold: The Ivermectin black market

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“Back in the ruins of post-war Germany,” our history teachers told us in high school, “there developed a vigorous black market due to the shortage of goods.”  But the idea of actual shortages was so foreign to us back then that all we could do was imagine Walmart or Costco painted black.
     Back then, no one could even conceive of a black market here in bountiful America.

     But all of that has drastically changed in the past 516 days.  Now, instead of dealing in chocolate, cigarettes and Levi’s like in post-WWII Europe, the new American black market deals mostly in Ivermectin, a highly successful treatment for COV$D.

     “A friend just smuggled some in from Puerto Vallarta.”
     “I got mine on the Dark Web from Canada.”
     “My veterinarian sold me some on the down-low.”

     “My cousin’s a nurse and got me a few tablets for grandma.”

     Who knew that America was also going to develop a black market — but when it becomes a matter of life or death for yourself or a loved one, those few small tabs of Ivermectin that we scored in some back alley are suddenly more precious than gold.

(Apparently, PCR tests get so anxious to please that they also recognize fragments of various pet viruses as well as fragments of any other viruses that might be hanging around.  Apparently, the joke’s on Rover and Fluffy.)



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