August 19, 2021

Trapped, lonely & pissed off: How COV$D ruined my life (and yours too)

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     No, I do not have COV$D — but COV$D has still managed to ruin my life.  And I bet that COV$D has managed to ruin your life too.  For chrissake, take some Ivermectin, swallow a bunch of Vitamin D, gargle with hydrogen peroxide mouth wash, spend a few days in bed and then let’s get on with our lives.

      I can’t go anywhere, I can’t breathe through a mask, food prices are slowly creeping up on me, my vaxxed ex-friends hate me and I hate the vaxx.  I can’t get on an airplane, I can’t even freaking go to the freaking park and sit under a freaking tree unless I’m masked up and six feet away.  And I bet you can’t do any of that stuff either.

      “But Jane, it’s a deadly disease.”  No it’s not.  COV$D has a 0.07% death rate.  Or at least it did until they gave us all The Shot.  Now who the freak knows what the death rate is because The Shot caused this virus to mutate into variants in order to survive.  And no real data or actual science is coming out of the CDC.  “Nothing to see here.  Please move on.”

    The airline just cancelled my trip.  I’m heartbroken.  “You can’t travel outside the U.S. without a vaxx.”  Yet the CDC won’t even tell us how many people have died from the vaxx.  45,000 at last count, a month ago.  The evening news, however, will blame all their deaths on Delta, The Sequel.  Yeah, right.  Plus 600,000 Americans apparently died from COV$D.  Let’s give their ghosts a good burial and apologize that they all could have been saved by hydroxycholoquine instead.  Most of those half-million dead guys could have been saved for pennies on the dollar.

      “But, Jane, we all know that Trump recommended hydroxycholoquine so it must be bad.”  Trump is an idiot.  But HCQ works.  Biden is an idiot too.  He should be recommending Ivermectin, not trying to lock us all up for the 521th day.  Both Trump and Biden should be in jail — along with GWB and Obama for getting us into all those stupid brutal unnecessary hellhole “wars”. 
     But apparently “wars” didn’t make enough money for the elite.  Not to worry.  Fear porn and The Shot have made them even more $$$$.  And now we are all trapped, lonely and pissed off — all except for Fasci, Gates, Newsom, Bezos, Cuomo, Big Pharma and the Davos Boyz.
      I’m trapped, lonely — and pissed off as hell.  Why aren’t you too?
Post-vaccine drop in killer T-cells, CD8 cells:  CD8 cells keep all other viruses in check.  Are we having fun yet?

It’s a tragic state of affairs when America’s best and brightest intellectuals are so censored that they can only publish their findings out on the fringe.  What?  We’re not supposed to know that Israeli hospitals are being swamped with COV$D in a country with a 90% vaxx rate?

And John Titus is always on top of what the central banks are gonna try next in order to destroy us mere peons:


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