August 29, 2021

New Orleans is dying — and COV$D is not the killer

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     I was supposed to attend a convention in New Orleans this week.  It got cancelled.  A new COV$D scare.  Lots of fear porn.  I went anyway.  Here’s my eye-witness report.  Bourbon Street is empty.  There’s no line at the Café du Monde.  No one is going on the “Haunted New Orleans” voodoo tour.  Mardi Gras World only has a few stragglers.  Tourists have all been scared away — and the locals have been scared away too.

     Remember that old Billie Holliday song?  “Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans….”  I miss it too.  NOLA is a dead city.  Yes.  That New Orleans.  It’s not “Always for Pleasure” here in the Big Easy any more.  Even the crypts in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 are dead.  And the fortunetellers in the Vieux Carre can’t see any future here either.  No good times are rolling any more.

      What happened?  The lock-down.  Fear porn.  Every single night, the TV blasts us with stories that people here are dropping like flies from COV$D.  The mayor decrees that you can’t even enter a restaurant or listen to jazz without proof that you’ve either gotten The Shot or had a negative PCR test within the last 72 hours.  No moofelettas or beniots for anyone who dares to disobey.

     And all this control-freak behavior is happening because of a virus with a 0.07% death rate?  They murdered New Orleans for that?  The city that bravely survived Hurricane Katrina and its broken levees has now been killed off by voodoo from Big Pharma.  And the rest of America is being killed off too.  I always thought we were braver than that.  

      But it’s still not too late to laissez le bon temps rouler!


Stop Wall Street, War Street, Big Pharma and Big Tech from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

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