October 3, 2021

Courage, justice & wisdom: Aristotle speaks out on the lock-down

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     I love visiting old haunted hotels.  There’s one within walking distance of my apartment.  It’s pricey to stay there but you can always just go hang out in the lobby.  And that’s where I met the ghost of some old dead Greek named Aristotle.

     “Why in the name of Athena is everyone around here wearing masks?” he asked me.  Good question.  Then Aristotle launched into a long boring lecture on ethics.  “There are four components involved in being an ethical person,” he said.  “They are courage, temperance, justice and practical wisdom.”  Yawn.

     “Let’s talk about the lock-down instead,” I replied.  Aristotle’s ghost looked at me like I was the stupidest student ever.

     “Is it courageous for healthy people to be locked down like rats in a trap when you could be out helping those who are actually sick?”  Er, no.  “We should be giving them early treatment instead.”  He does have a point there.  Quercetin, HCQ, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies,  budesonide and even food-grade hydrogen peroxide and Vitamin D come to mind.  “Is it temperate to spend 568 days hiding under the bed just because of a virus with a 0.07% death rate?”  No balance at all in doing that, sir.

      “Is it justice to lock down the poor, destroy small businesses, eliminate jobs and wipe out the middle class while wealthy globalists get more and more rich and powerful every day?”  That doesn’t serve justice either.
     “And as for practical wisdom?  Is it wise to allow yourself to get injected with a vaxx that has a 2.15% death rate?  It takes wisdom to say no to such foolishness.”  And courage too.  Who wants to be called a Trumper every time I point out actual scientific data debunking the plandemic?  Not me.

     And speaking of politicians, of course Aristotle’s ghost had something to say about that too.  “Politics should be the fine art of helping people become more courageous, temperate, just and wise.”  Do our globalist leaders and their puppets do that?  Hell, no.  They just run around screaming, “The sky is falling!  Trust us!  Give us your money!”

     And then in a puff of ectoplasm, Aristotle was gone.  I guess he didn’t like wearing a face mask.  “Come back, Aristotle!” I cried.  “Come back!”  Faced with a choice of political leaders between Trump the scheming bigot and Biden the arse-kissing pawn, we need all the wise people we can get — even the dead ones.



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