December 30, 2021

Pay up, you cheap bastard: Anthony Fauci owes me 500 pesos

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     I’m saving up all my weird travel stories for later — stories about how United Airlines gave me a free trip to Puerto Vallarta, or how I fell into Yelapa Bay fully-clothed and drowned my poor little cell phone to death, or how I scored over-the-counter ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in the back room of a P.V. pharmacy or….  Right now I’m just gonna write about how pissed off I am at Anthony Fauci.

     Because of that greedy avaricious bastard, I almost didn’t make it back home to the USA.
     “You can’t board your flight unless you can show a negative COV$D test result,” said the kind man behind the ticket counter at the airport.  “There is an antigen-test lab out in the parking lot.  I suggest you go there.”
     Outside in a huge white tent that was doing land-office business, another kind man collected my money — 350 Mexican pesos in change and an odd assortment of American dollars.  “That’s all I got.”  It was enough.
     “Come back in 30 minutes.”  A half-hour later I received a piece of paper declaring that I had negative test results too.  “You do not have COV$D.”  But everyone received the exact same negative test results.  Almost one thousand travelers fill the airport here, at the very height of the Omicron scare, and yet there wasn’t even one of them with a positive result.  Not even one.  Seems like they always give us the test results that the globalists need us to have — whether to scare us into giving up our rights or to just snag up our travel bucks.  What a racket, what a rip-off, what a scam.
     Like cattle, we all stood in line at the tent.  Like lemmings, we all handed over our 500 pesos.  Like box-car children, we all dutifully got our noses swabbed.  I was the only one who complained.  “This is blackmail!  None of us are sick!  500 pesos for a worthless slip of paper?  I’ve been robbed!”

     Even the lab-coated swab technician agreed with me.  “But what can we do?  I’ve got a family to support and you need to get back home.”  Win-win situation?  Hardly.
     That bastard Anthony Fasci owes me 500 pesos.
It’s always a good thing to watch  Pick an episode.  Any episode.  Watch and learn.
America is in the drug-cartel business.  Sinaloa has a hecka lot of competition:
And you can always count of Steve Kirsch for important insights into “The Science”:
Here’s an interesting theory from a South African doctor — that spike proteins are like bee stings.  We show no allergic reactions to our first bee sting but may develop allergies after the second or third one.  Similarly, the first COV$D spike protein may not affect us but the next spike protein we are exposed to can, be it Alpha, Delta, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson or whatever.  Solution?  Early treatment with antihistamines!  Duh.




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