January 3, 2022

Antigen tests: Americans soar to whole new heights of gullibility

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     Last night on the evening news, a TV anchor personality showed us actual videos of Americans actually bragging that they had just sat in their cars for seven freaking hours, engines running, while they waited in line for their COV$D antigen tests.  Seriously?

     These people coulda just bought a freaking thermometer and stayed home.  Or they coulda shelled out $40 on Amazon for one of those fingertip oxygen-meter thingies like they use at doctors’ offices.  Your temperature goes up?  Your oxygen levels go down?  Stay in bed, take lots of vitamin C and D and drink plenty of water.  Take a freaking aspirin.  Use common sense.  Monoclonal antibodies.  Even the dread Ivermectin and HCQ.  Use common sense.  Early treatment saves lives. 


      And what if your employer or school requires a negative test score?  Catch 22?  Tell ‘em to shove it.  If three million Americans finally stop being gullible, there’s not much those toadies can do.


     Americans have their hair all on fire over “Cases!  Cases!  Cases!” as they pray to the Pharma gods that yet another booster shot will save their freaking lives.  No it won’t.  This is a pandemic of the vaccinated.  No place to hide.


     Getting another booster shot soon, Bucko?  Have your EpiPen ready — and your life insurance policy paid up.
Critical resources that have been censored by Big Pharma: 
Life insurance companies are reporting a 40% increase in American working-class all-cause deaths recently — even after everyone got The Jab:
Laughter is the best medicine.  I’m not the only one who has fun with memes:

From the legal perspective, there’s enough criminal activity by Big Pharma to “dismantle the entire vaccine industry” — and yet the muggles dream on.

And Joe Rogan is on a roll!
You want data?  Brace yourself:

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