January 26, 2022

Schrodinger’s cat: Living in the dual reality of COV$D

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     Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Ervin Schrodinger’s famous cat-in-the-box experiment.  Is the cat alive or dead?  You can never know until you open the box.

     The same thing is true about COV$D.  For the past 684 days, the evening news has constantly warned us to be afraid.  “Be very afraid.”  According to our TV talking heads, people are dying like flies.  This is one reality.  The cat in the box is dead.

     And the evening news constantly tells us over and over again that the only solution to this reality is to get tested constantly, wear N95 masks everywhere and to get yet another lipid nano-particle spike-protein jab ASAP.
     Meanwhile, the reality that I myself live in is totally different.  In my reality, only 0.07% of people contracting COV$D actually die, based on actual data supplied by my local county public health department, and also that almost all of those dead people were over age 80, already had several co-morbidities and were on death’s door anyway.   
     And in my data-driven reality, the list of those who are injured or die from the vaccine just keeps on piling up — no matter how much the CDC tries to hide the actual science.  Who knows how many more will be on this list two or three years from now.  Big Pharma’s vaccine gift to us just keeps on giving.  My COVID reality is sadder than I can handle without having nightmares.
     But which reality is correct?
     We will never know until the true actual data is revealed and Schrodinger actually opens his COV$D box.  However, Big Pharma has just requested that Schrodinger’s COV$D box not be opened for another 55 years, and social media keeps censoring us like we were back in Germany in 1936.  I myself postulate, however, that this COV$D box needs to be opened right now.
PS:  Speaking of quantum mechanics, transparency is always a good thing in a democracy.  Why can’t we open any of Schrodinger’s other boxes as well?  
     For instance why can’t we open that box containing the data regarding who murdered JFK?  Or the data box about whether or not Syria used chemical weapons (Spoiler alert:  It did not).  Or how about opening the box that contains what actually happened on 9-11?  Or whether or not Bush-slash-Obama-slash-Trump-slash-Biden are trying to gin up yet another “war” in Venezuela-slash-Ukraine-slash-Yemen-slash-Palestine-slash-Kazakhstan-Russia-slash-China in order to keep our minds off trying to open the box containing Schrodinger’s COV$D dead cat.


Stop Wall Street, War Street, Big Pharma and Big Tech from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

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