February 8, 2022

If COV$D isn’t killing people, then what is?

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    That thing that is killing us right now?  It’s the exact same thing that has always been killing us, the same thing that killed people back in 2018, 2017 and 2016.  There have suddenly been no dead bodies piled up in the streets since March 2020.  What is killing us now is pretty much the same thing that killed us back in 20,000 BC too.

     People die. That’s what people do. 


     People die — especially obese people with cancer and heart conditions.  People also die in hospitals from kidney failure caused by Remdesivir.  And I’m not even gonna mention any “conspiracy theories” that 5G, GMOs and Round-Up might be slowly bumping us off.  That’s above my pay grade.  That’s for Verison, AT&T, Bill Gates and Monsanto to know — and for the rest of us not to find out.  

     Writing “COV$D” on our death certificates makes death look scary, sure, but that still doesn’t make it true. 
      Wanna avoid being a COV$D statistic?  Eat organic, keep away from junk food, take your vitamins, breath fresh air, limit computer time, exercise — and don’t believe anything you hear on the evening news.  Oh, and don’t ever get old either!  Being old is a sure cause of death.
PS:  It might be a good idea to avoid any gene-therapy experimental injections as well.  Wait a few years.  See who dies and who doesn’t.  It’s never fun to become a statistic in a drug trial.

Dr. Sam Bailey spells it out brilliantly:

What?  SAR$ isn’t a virus?  Who knew?  Scientists did: 

Then there’s always air pollution that is causing us to die off.  And water pollution.  And…

And does the Vaccine cause us to die too?  Looks that way:  

40% more all-cause deaths in younger people?  Could the vaccine have played any role in this startlingly huge death uptick in America’s healthiest age range?  Yikes!

We lose — but who wins?  Follow the money: 

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