February 21, 2022

Madam Jane predicts: How to recover from long-haul [economic] COV$D

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     “The COV$D plandemic is basically over,” said Madam Jane this morning as she sat in my kitchen delicately sipping a cold root beer.  “Mother Nature gave us Omicron, everyone in the world caught it and now we are all naturally immune to COV$D.  End of story.”  And our politicians were caught with their pants down again.

      Suave politicians have wasted trillions of our tax-payer dollars on useless face masks, blatantly stupid lock-downs, worthless test kits, Remdesivir (aka run-death-is-near) prescriptions that kill people, booster shots that don’t work and failed experimental injections that mess with our RNA — instead of spending our money on simply making Americans healthier (and happier) so they could resist SARS-CoV-2.  Sadly, however, all that is water under the bridge, stolen money that we will never get back.

      “But in any case, what happens next?” I asked.  “How can America possibly recover from such a nasty case of economic long-haul COV$D?”
     “It can’t.”
      “And that same-old-same-old blind trust in false leaders that got us into this disaster in the first place isn’t gonna get us out of it either,” said Madam Jane.  But what else does she have in mind?  “Send peasants with torches and pitchforks after the Federal Reserve.”  And truckers too!  “Never allow Big Pharma to advertise on TV again.  Make med schools actually teach good nutrition.  Outlaw weedkillers, fake fertilizers, insecticides, chem trails, 5G and processed food.  Become a freaking anti-vaxxer!  Grow organic stuff in our front yards.”
     Ya think that people are actually going to do that?  Fat chance.
     “Next, we need to stop all these phony ‘wars’.  Complete waste of money, lives and resources.  Distracts us from the real issue — those Evil Globalist Bastards who want to brainwash our kids and turn the rest of us into robots — or corpses.”  Stop the evil globalists’ diabolical plan for world conquest?  Too late.
     “Then we need to try to be nice to our neighbors.  Stop harping on petty differences.  These are the people we will have to depend on during the coming economic shite-storm.”  Madam Jane is my neighbor.  What’s in it for me?

     “And we also gotta limit the time we spend on high-tech gadgets, to less than an hour a day.”  That might not be a problem if there’s no electricity left.

     “But what about climate change,” I asked now that Madam Jane was obviously on a roll.
     “Not a problem.  Billionaires started it.  Let them stop it too.  Put their ill-gotten billions to good use cleaning up their own stinking nest, their own shite.  Leave the rest of us out of it.”  If only.  Sometimes Madam Jane is sort of naive.  
      “You just don’t understand,” I said.  “People actually like handing their money and hopes and children and dreams of the future over to those Evil Globalist Bastards.”  Madam Jane did not disagree.  I was kinda hoping that she would.

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