March 1, 2022

Ukraine & Yemen: The fairy tale continues

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     Once upon a time there was a wicked witch disguised as Prince Charming.  “We must save those poor sweet Ukrainian neo-Nazis!” he cried — as real crocodile tears leaked out of his red, white and blue eyes.

     “But what about Yemen?” asked Snow White.  “Millions have been slaughtered there by the Saudis — and most of their victims have been children.  Not to mention the millions of children who have been needlessly slaughtered in Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Wounded Knee, Afghanistan, Africa, Latin America….”
     “Sorry, princess.  It’s just not the same,” replied the witch, brandishing an apple polished by Pfizer.  “Here.  Take a bite.”
     Then Cinderella spoke up.  “I want to see everyone happy!  Not just the rich and famous.”  
     “Oh you poor simple-minded working-class girl,” said the witch.  “Harden your heart.  Get a life.  Learn to hate — and to fear.  Compassion and Love are emotions that Americans just can’t afford.  You’ve been in that attic with those talking mice far too long.  There is money to be made in Ukraine.  There is no money to be made in Yemen.”
     Then Rumpelstiltskin stamped his foot and we Americans all fell through the Debt Ceiling with him.
NATO worked really hard to get Russia to attack Ukraine.  All that work has finally paid off:
Financial rebellion is far easier (and more effective) than violent revolution:
Then there’s that fairy tale about PCR testing:
Insurance companies have noted thousands and thousands of non-COV$D excess deaths lately.  What’s that all about?

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