March 6, 2022

Test-to-treat: Big Pharma’s latest scheme to price-gouge us for COV$D meds

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      Let’s pretend that you are a medical doctor, a family practitioner, just a local MD who wants to save lives. 

     Let’s pretend that is spring of 2020.
     Now let’s pretend that you’ve told all your COV$D patients that “early treatment saves lives,” gave them all prescriptions for crucial anti-virals like Ivermectin and then happily watched as almost all of them recovered.
      And after you have proudly accomplished all this life-saving goodness, would the result also be that you now run a very high risk of losing your license to practice medicine in the United States?  Duh, yeah.

      Fast-forward two years.  Bootleg Ivermectin is still (illegally) saving lives.  The prospect of receiving eternal booster shots for the rest of our lives has become a favorite target for satire.  One in 25 vaccinated Americans have already suffered adverse side effects and/or death as a result of these shots.  Many Americans are finally starting to listen to real-time data, ignore the lock-downs, toss out the masks, protest the mandates, boycott the jabs and get over the fear.  Big Pharma is starting to lose money.  Pfizer stock has just hit a scary new low on Wall Street.

     What to do?

     In a panic, Big Pharma suddenly starts running adverts on TV that scream at us, “Early treatment saves lives!”  Suddenly Big Pharma finally figures out how to price-gouge anti-virals!  Test-to-treat becomes an actual thing — the only difference being that while Ivermectin has almost no side effects, Big Pharma’s anti-virals have a list of side effects as long as your arm.  Oh well.  If you ain’t sick, then drug companies don’t make any money.  Side effects are their friends.

     Now let’s pretend that you finally get your medical license restored, now that the use of anti-virals is suddenly in vogue.  But you will have to pretend — because it ain’t gonna happen in real life.

And the evening news is also happily lying to us about Ukraine as well.  Yeah those “patriotic victims of Russian aggression” really are neo-Nazis (and our Evil Globalist Bastard overlords are laughing at both Ukraine and Russia — and us — as the EGBs come out winners once again):
     And if it is so easy to cancel all of Russia’s credit cards, bank accounts, internet access, etc. then just think how easy it will be to cancel yours and mine too.  Piece of cake for the EGBs!
Good grief!  Those jabs really do change our DNA!  Does this mean that most Americans are now GMOs?  Yuck!

Whoa!  When forced to reveal the side effects of its jab, Pfizer produced a list that is nine (9) pages long
Guess what, CDC?  “Hoping” is Just not the same as good science:

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