March 18, 2022

Ukraine: Fun with False Flags

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     “If only we can convince the American people that the Russians have just bombed a maternity hospital….”  Doesn’t sound all that hard to do.  Remember how they convinced America that Saddam Hussein was stealing incubator babies?  We can do this.  Let’s wag that dog!
     “If only we can convince the American people that Putin had just bombed Chernobyl….”  Shouldn’t be that hard to do.  Americans still believe that Bush and the Saudis had nothing to do with the Twin Tower bombings — despite all that evidence to the contrary.  Our finest hour.

     “If only we could make America believe that Ukraine is a democracy and not some Nazi supremacist snake pit….”  We can do that.  If they could convince Americans that some poor peasants in black pajamas defending Vietnam from evil colonialists were actually a threat to the entire free world, we can do it again!
      “If only we can sucker Americans into believing that Ukraine is under threat from biological weapons?”  Piece of cake.  We’ve already convinced Americans that our COV$D bioweapon, one with a 0.02% death rate that mostly kills people over age 80 with multiple co-morbidities and/or who are given Remdesivir, is scary enough to close down our entire society for two whole years and to jab our children with an experimental injection that has a 1 in 25 chance of injuring or killing them, right?  We’re on a roll here.

     “Give us a few hours of airtime on the evening news and we can convince Americans of anything.”

Here’s another interesting point of view regarding the Ukra$ne situation:
But the Evil Globalist Bastards have not been having an easy time of it lately.  Push-back against their agenda is making them sort of displeased.
There’s even been several criminal investigations into the COV$D lock-down (welcome to Day 731 of the lock-down)  Grand Jury Day 4 | English
Dr. David Martin is suing a whole bunch of people for being Bad Actors with regard to COV$D:



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