April 15, 2022

Cowboys & Indians: The first and second Great Resets

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     I just got back from Santa Fe.  Half the women there were over the age of 50, were tall and slim, had long gray hair — and looked just like Georgia O’Keeffe.  Then I looked in the mirror.  Hey, that describes me too!

     At one of the many excellent museums in Santa Fe (or was it Albuquerque), a Native artist exhibited his sketch of an Indian victim of smallpox, America’s very first bioweapon.  How sad.

      Millions of Indians were killed by smallpox, the “Cowboy” disease.  And even more Indians were murdered in all those “Cowboy” wars and/or died on Cowboy-generated reservations after the Native economy was systematically destroyed.  The Indians lost.  The Cowboys won.  America had suffered its first Great Reset.
      And now it’s the Cowboys’ turn to reset.  Plague, warfare, reservations, poverty, economic collapse?  This time the Great Reset is coming for the Cowboys as well.  
      But at least the Indians fought back.
      Today’s cowboys, wimps that they are, simply line up for their jabs, cheer on fake wars, don’t mind that COV$D is a bioweapon, passively watch their economy get shredded and love being held captive on lock-down reservations because it gives them a great excuse to binge-watch Netflix.

      Where are Crazy Horse and Geronimo when we need them?  And heroic Leonard Peltier is still rotting in some grimy Globalist stockade.  Hell, we don’t even have any cowboys any more.  No Annie Oakley, Kit Carson or Calamity Jane to fight off those Evil Globalist Bastards these days.  We don’t even have General Custer — or even Woody from Toy Story


     When the American economy has finally gone the way of the buffalo after having been stripped of all meaning by our Globalist-imposed 40-trillion-dollar debt load, all we will have left to rely on is ourselves.  Perhaps then we will finally saddle up — which is exactly what those Evil Globalist Bastards are afraid of.  And so they are corralling us with vaccine passports and mounting their own cavalry on weaponized space stations.
     Don’t say you haven’t been warned, Ke-mo sah-bee.
Now they gots a whole new bird flu pandemic that only destroys free-range chickens.  Yeah right.  And since COV$D and Ukra$ne aren’t enough to take our minds off of the Great Reset’s blatant robbery of all our money, now they are killing off our ch$ckens too — and calling it b$rd flu

We are being spoon-fed false-flag narratives regarding Bucha.  Yummers!  The true importance of the Bucha false flag: a change of narrative | The Vineyard of the Saker
Clint Eastwood is still a cowboy!  But in a good way.  Love his latest movie:


Stop Wall Street, War Street, Big Pharma and Big Tech from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

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