June 11, 2022

Day 817: What? We’ve been locked down that long?!?

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     Congratulations.  We’ve finally arrived at Day 817 of this interminable lock-down.  “But we are no longer locked down!” sez you.  Then why are we still wearing that mask, still carrying that proof-of-vaccination card with us at all times, still huddled in fear of our neighbors and still getting a booster every few months?

     And speaking of boosters, why are we still being vaccinated for the Wuhan strain when that strain’s been inactive for over two years now?  Why are we still being boostered for the Wuhan strain while our symptoms are now in the Omicron and BA.4-5 phases?  Plus recent studies show that we are 20% more likely to get these new variants if our poor sweet immune systems are still all geared up to fight Wuhan and are now totally clueless about how to fight these new variants?  Keep up, guys.

     And why have we spent almost a trillion dollars on a Wuhan vaccine but then get all surprised when we still get sick with Omicron or the currently-popular BA.4-BA.5 strains?  Or else we live in denial and tell all our friends, “Hey, it’s just a cold.  It couldn’t be COV$D.  I’ve been vaccinated!”
      And not only that but there is now a new thing called “viral reactivation” wherein for the first time in history, vaccinated people can get COV$D again and again and again — not just a one-and-done.  Plus this new B-5 variant is now be called “a variant of the boostered”.
     Welcome to Day 817.
PS:  If everyone in America had been injected with Vitamin D instead of with Remdesivir, Pfizer and friends, COV$D would have simply gone the way of swine flu and H3N2.  And over a million Americans wouldn’t be dead.  And we never would have known about myocarditis, Bell’s palsy and SADS.
Money to be made!
With a 100% vaccinated population, Portugal is now struggling with the BA.5 variant.  Good luck, Portugal.
American vaccine-injury courts are being overwhelmed after Big Pharma received a get-out-of-jail-free pass from our regular courts:


Stop Wall Street, War Street, Big Pharma and Big Tech from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

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