November 21, 2006

Why you should hate Carville

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I thought O.J. Simpson had the market cornered on chutzpah, but he can’t hold a steak knife to Carville and Matalin. James can rail with apparent genuine passion about Republican misdeeds on Meet The Press and then go home and slip between the sheets with Dick Cheney’s very own version of Baghdad Bob.

Carville can pound his chest condemning the bloodbath the administration has created in Iraq, and still break bread that evening with the spokeswoman for Iraq’s new Butcher of Baghdad, Dick Cheney. ames Carville nests with that black widow. (Hell, they even mated and he lived to tell about it.)

There you have it – Carville is worse than OJ Simpson.

Should he be allowed to live? 



  1. Dems are scared of people who want to win, as you have pointed out too many times to count, Bart.

    Carville’s position is not one I necessarily agree with, but food for thought. Dismissing a man who was instrumental to putting Big Dog in DC is foolhardy, to say the least. At least the Cajun proves daily HE’S got no problem getting along with someone he doesn’t agree with.

    Pizzo should be more carefull with the metaphors he mixes. Comparing Carville with O.J. in one breath and accusing him of sleeping with a black widow in the next does kind of overlook the fact Simpson’s WIFE was the one who got her head snipped off.

    Hmmm…would that make O.J. a black WIDOWER?

    Comment by meldonna — November 21, 2006 @ 7:12 pm

  2. I wouldn’t say kill him – he may have had a valid point about targeting swing elections. I don’t know that the 50 state strategy & targeting swing elections were/are necessarly mutally exclusive. Carville comparing Dean to Rumsfield and saying Dean should resign is bullshit. A lot of us went to the party to simply celebrate a sweet victory . . . and Carville is over there pissing in the pool.

    Comment by wvhills — November 21, 2006 @ 7:30 pm

  3. Hey Bart,

    I’m not excited about being on the other end of your two-by on this one, but I saw that you mentioned the ‘line-of-credit’ from Huffington, and that leads me to ask: doesn’t this make Carville to be the liar?

    Because: he said ‘Dean didn’t spend the cash…’

    When accuracy might have demanded he say ‘Dean chose not to put the Democratic National Committee from 0.5 to TEN million dollars in debt’ to buy a few more ads here and there…

    I don’t think any of us Bartistas would argue that cash-on-hand might have been spent, but if it is really a question of ‘going into debt’ (that’s what a line-of-credit’ represents), then that’s something different.

    Happy Texas-Killed-Kennedy day,
    Happy Thanks(AT LAST)giving!!


    Comment by Drew — November 22, 2006 @ 11:43 am

  4. Dean spent the cash – he spent it on building up the state parties.

    And in this election, we won state houses that haven’t been blue in my lifetime. We won so many governorships that now more states are blue than red.

    Carville is a political consultant, and political consultants get paid according to how many ads they place. If the party spends that money locally, Carville doesn’t get paid. That’s what’s sticking in his craw.

    Truth is, we won a number of races that the Rahm and Chuck & friends didn’t want to bother with and didn’t give money to. We won them because Dean did give them support.

    So, y’know, Carville is just wrong on this.

    But the real reason you should hate him is that when Carville found out Kerry was getting ready to challenge the vote in Ohio in ’04, Carville instantly called his wife, who called Cheney, and someone had a word with Blackwell….

    Comment by Avedon — November 25, 2006 @ 5:25 pm

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